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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

On the RUN!

Oh my seems to be racing past me at lightening speed this week! I can't believe tomorrow is Thursday and I haven't posted my personal impressions yet of Generation NeXt Marriage! And I'm not going to be able to now, until this week-end. OK, so you may not be holding your breath in anticipation, but I did say I'd do it within a couple of days, and I've dropped the ball. But I'm scrambling with a schedule change and an unexpected trip out of town...and I won't return to my keyboard until sometime on Friday....then will need to play catch up at home the remainder of that day.

Is anyone else experiencing the rapid passing of this year...? I realize it's only the first of April, and we've even still been getting hit with the last remnants of winter....but it FEELS like it's blasting past me way too fast. Although I do admit, I'm hungry for spring and even more so for the summer heat to arrive. But then I have to remember...following the awesome summer sun, comes the beauty and coolness of fall, and right on its heels is winter. Ugh! Ok, I'm jumping the gun here, but I don't even want to think of winter again for a long time, and it's already April! Sigh. I'll quit now and get some things done that I must do before I hit the road.

See you back here in a few days!!! Blessings to you all as your life swirls around you....

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