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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Another Super Sale--Two Love Finds You Books

This blog will be discontinued soon. If you don't want to miss great deals like this, be SURE you pop over and click follow or subscribe at my new website/blog. You can also sign up for my newsletter there as well.

I'm so pleased that Summerside Press/Guideposts has decided to give my readers a chance to purchase two of my Love Finds You books at a steep discount. Both Love Finds You in Last Chance, California and Love Finds You in Sundance, Wyoming, are on sale through January 31, 2015, in all ebook formats for .99. Be sure you check with any online vendor who sells ebooks for this great deal!
Here's the link to Barnes and Noble for Nook for Last Chance and for Sundance (click on the title)
And the link for Amazon for Kindle for Last Chance and for Sundance

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

FREE Book by Miralee Ferrell--Your Choice!

I'm giving away your choice of the following three books

Love Finds You in Last Chance, California

Love Finds You in Tombstone, Arizona (spin off of Last Chance)

Love Finds You in Sundance, Wyoming (a stand alone)

Here's how you can get one free. I've started a new blog and I'm closing this you can see, it hasn't been active in months, but I still have subscribers who haven't switched over. Subscribe to my new blog and while you're there, also subscribe to my newsletter, on the same page. 

Once you've done that, go to my Facebook Fan Group and ask to join. (If you don't belong to Facebook, that's ok, just send me an email via my new blog). If you do have a FB account, drop me a note on my fan group or via private message, and let me know you did all three, and what email you used so I can verify. If you're already subscribed and a member, then please refer two people who will subscribe, and I'll give them a book and one to you. 

This offer is only good through December 12th, so don't wait too long and miss out!

If you want more than one of the LFY books, I will sell the others for $7.50 each including shipping....the books sell for $12.99 without shipping, so I'm giving a good discount. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Catch Us if You CAN, Stop # 8

We hope you enjoy meeting Christian Author Network members as you chase down clues for the chance to win our grand prize: $200 in gift cards from CBD, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon, plus 29 free books, one from each participating CAN author!
·     2nd & 3rd Prizes: $50 Amazon, B&N, or CBD gift certificate!

·     Catch us on this hunt beginning at Noon on Friday, 03/21/14 and ending at Midnight on Thursday, 03/27/14. No need to hurry as you search for clues—you have almost an entire week! If you need help with any part of this hunt, click here.  Enjoy 29 stops, each featuring a different CAN author!

CAN Treasure Hunt with guest Jocelyn Green

Well, not just war—hope and courage in the midst of it. I’m a former military wife, so my first books were devotionals written for military wives who, like me, craved spiritual nourishment. After I’d been writing nonfiction for a few years, switching to historical fiction set in the Civil War era was an exciting change of pace. I strive to inspire faith and courage in all my readers, whether they are reading my devotions or my novels.

Your novel Widow of Gettysburg focuses on the civilian experience during that famous battle in 1863, and its aftermath. If we visit Gettysburg, will we be able to see anything that’s mentioned in your novel?

Yes! There is a list in the back of the novel of all the sites, but two of my favorites would be the Seminary Ridge Museum   (pictured on the cover of the novel); And The Shriver House Museum.
For travel guides related to my first novel, Wedded to War, check out this blog post on historic sites of Washington DC, and this one on historic sites of New York City.

What’s next?
My third novel: Yankee in Atlanta. It’s a story about two families torn apart by war. Two hearts divided by love and honor. In a land shattered by strife and suffering, a Union veteran and a Rebel soldier test the limits of loyalty and discover the courage to survive. The official release is June, but it’s available for pre-order now.

Where can readers find out more about you?
Please join me on my Web site!

I’d also love to see you:
·         On Facebook:
·         On Pinterest:
·         On Goodreads:


Award-winning author Jocelyn Green inspires faith and courage in her readers through both fiction and nonfiction. A former military wife herself, she offers encouragement and hope to military wives worldwide through her Faith Deployed ministry. Her novels, inspired by real heroines on America’s home front, are marked by their historical integrity and gritty inspiration. Wedded to War, her first novel, was a Christy Award finalist in 2013.


Before you go, write down this STOP #8 clue--of publishing. 

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Now, proceed to stop #9  Click HERE for Jocelyn Green's blog for your next clue & continued chances to win!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

24 Hours to Subscribe before the Contest Begins!!

I LOVE Christmas---the colors, the decorations, the gifts, the baking and special time with family--but more than anything I love the celebration of Christ's birth.

We celebrated yesterday since our kids need to go to our daughter-in-law's family today, but what a blessing it was to have everyone together with our 8-month-old granddaughter, Kate! Smiles, giggles, kisses and lots of pictures accompanied our time together.

Now, on to a brief bit of business before I close. Thursday night at midnight I cut off subscriptions for this newsletter. You can still subscribe, but you won't get a copy of the one I'm mailing on Friday with the big contest and prizes!

If you use the form here on my blog to subscribe, be SURE you check your email afterwards, as you'll be getting a message with a link to click on to confirm your subscription. And please be sure you watch your email on Friday (and your spam folder), and add my email to your approved list for all future newsletter--miraleef at gmail dot com.

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Flash!! Newsletter Coming with Contest!!

Do you enjoy contests? Do you like getting something free?

Then you've come to the perfect place! I'm getting ready to send out my first newsletter to subscribers. If you sign up before December 25th, you'll get a free gift AND be eligible for the contest that I'll be announcing in my first edition a few days later.

It will come by email, so all I need is your name and email address, but I'd love to know what country you live in, as well.....some items that I give away can be shipped out of the country, some can't. But don't despair--some international visitors will be a little more limited, but not completely.

On the right side of this blog you'll see a sign up form. It's simple. Fill it out an click on subscribe. You'll be redirected to my website and receive an email asking you to click on the link to confirm your subscription. The email will come from my gmail address, so please check your spam folder if it doesn't arrive within 30 min. You won't be subscribed until you've confirmed.

Don't worry, you won't be getting blasted with non-stop newsletters. No more than 12 a year, and possibly less, depending on my release dates and the contests I run.

Some contests and giveaways (like the upcoming one) will ONLY be available to subscribers, so don't miss out.

If you sign up, refer a friend and make sure you keep track of their name. You'll get an entry for every person who subscribes!

Now what are you waiting for? Pop over to the right side of your screen and sign up! Thanks!!!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas--Bah-Humbug or A Time to Celebrate?

What does Christmas mean to you? A time to celebrate, or a time to crawl into bed and pull the covers over your head, hoping the season disappears soon. 

So many people have lost loved ones in the past, and too often it's happened near a major holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Or, a spouse is out of work (like at our house right now) and there's not a lot of extra income for decorations or gifts.

What do you do if you fit into one of these categories?

It's not easy and there's no simple answer, but I do have a suggestion that might help a little.

Find at least one person--maybe even two or three--that are in worse shape than you. That might be an elderly person in a nursing home who never gets a visitor and would love a plate of cookies, a hug and a smile.

It might be a child with both parents out of work (you can talk to the school, your church, or Social Services for suggestions) and see if there's an inexpensive item you can purchase that would bring them joy. If money isn't an issue for you, consider even purchasing something for the parents, as well.

Join a church or community function that reaches out in some way. It might be serving a hot meal to the homeless, singing carols in your neighborhood, or volunteering in some capacity.

Get involved. Giving of yourself and time will do MUCH to bolster your own spirits and take your focus off your own loss.

Jesus came to earth to give His life that we might have life more abundantly. Let's follow His example in some little way while here--the world will be a better place if we do.

Merry Christmas, From Allen and Miralee , and Lacey.
The picture I posted is Lacey, celebrating in her own special way....on HER couch near the wood stove and the Christmas tree!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Book Giveaway! Blowing on Dandelions

2 NEW signed copies to be given away of historical romance Blowing on Dandelions by Miralee Ferrell

Want a copy of my brand new historical romance, Blowing on Dandelions?
More than one chance to win!

* Go to my website, 

Leave a comment here on my blog after you view my website and tell me: 

What attracts you on my website?
What you'd like to see there?
Anything you'd change if you could?
Get one entry for each of the questions you answer. 

* Get another entry
Follow my blog or tell me if you already do

Get another entry:

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The first Drawing will be held Thursday September 12---Britney Adams is the first winner of a signed book!!

Another Book will be drawn from entries submitted after the 12th and will be drawn one week later. Keep entering!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ghost Towns, Cowboys & Research = Fun!!

It's so much fun to visit the locations where I set my books. So far I've visited towns for 5 of my seven books and have discovered so much rich history. Here are a few pictures from three of the towns. 

This set are from Blowing on Dandelions, my newest historical romance set in Baker City, Oregon

The Geiser Grand Hotel, completed in 1889, a few years after my book, and restored 100 yrs later, is still in use today. 

A 'school bus' from the 1800s

Watercolor painting of Baker City at its inception

From Love Finds You in Last Chance, CA, a historical (Western) romance

The main street of Last Chance possibly taken in the 1880s or 1890s, close to the time my book was set. 

 Last Chance hotel. The upstairs could only be accessed by a ladder on the outside of the building. Mostly unmarried miners used the large room. This building fronted Main Street.

Four old fence posts in the formation of a corral. Very possibly the location of the blacksmith shop. Square nail heads show these posts date to the time of my book, pre-1890s. 

Love Finds You in Tombstone, Arizona, the book that follows Last Chance

I had a ball researching this book as we traveled to the streets of Tombstone that are much the same as they were in the 1880s. Great fun!

I got to dress up and pose for a few pictures while in Tombstone

One of several old stagecoaches that tour the three blocks of old town streets, also going down a back street (this is Allen St, the main one that is very close to what it was in the 1880s) the full three blocks, through some of the residential area, also much the same. 

Cowboy loafers on the main street of Tombstone give it a very authentic look. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Deadly Peril & A Daring Rescue!

I saved over a dozen lives today. Seriously. A dozen babies, all trapped in a storm drain, with their mother pacing above them, crying and nearly wringing her, in despair.

All right, the truth? I did save lives today and am quite happy and content I was able to. Babies? Yes. A dozen tiny, newborn quail that were about 1 1/2" tall...three of them fit in one of my hands.

I pulled into our dentist office parking lot and as I did, I noticed a family of quail hovering over a storm drain grate. After parking, I went back to see what they were doing, and of course, try to get a picture of the family. As I drew closer I saw the mama quail pacing across the grate, peering down and calling over and over, in obvious distress. The daddy kept skirting the edges, not seeming to know what to do, and not doing much to keep the small brood of 8-10 remaining chicks away from the holes.

I edged closer and the mother herded her chicks away. Looking down into the grate I was horrified to see at least a dozen tiny babies had fallen into the hole below. None appeared injured, and thankfully, the ground was dry.

I tried calling the city works department. No one at their desk. Then the local newspaper, as it was less than a block away. They promised to try to help. I kept watch, praying a car wouldn't run over the remaining family, when a woman on a bicycle came flying down the steep hill. I flagged her down, explained the situation, and she bailed off to help.

Together we removed the storm drain cover, I tossed my phone and purse on the pavement and flattened myself on the ground next to the hole, then reached carefully in and captured the first baby. The young woman took the chick and raced up the road a dozen yards to the waiting parents huddled in some bushes, then returned for another chick. At least a couple of cars stopped and the drivers asked if I was injured, as I must have presented quite a sight, lying full length on the pavement (thankfully it wasn't a busy road), reaching into a storm drain hole.

About the time I grasped the last one, a reporter from the newspaper arrived, taking pictures and asking questions. Several chicks raced away from where we'd put them, and made a dash into the road. Catherine and I gave chase, recapturing our prizes and bringing them once more to safety with their clucking, happy family.

A city works employee arrived (called by the kind woman at the newspaper office) after the excitement was over. A dozen lives saved and a good day, all in all!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Granddaughter is Coming!!

I'll admit to being just a little bit excited....ok, who am I kidding....a whole lot excited! Like, over the moon excited! 

What's happening that would have me in such a state, you ask? Can you get a hint from the color of ink I chose?

Tomorrow night by this time our family should be welcoming a new granddaughter into the world. Kate Isabelle Ferrell is due to arrive tomorrow as they've decided to induce delivery. Our son and his lovely wife live about 2 1/2 hrs away, so it will depend on how late in the day the blessed event happens as to whether we make the trip tomorrow or Monday. We don't want to tire our daughter-in-law too much if she has a long day of it and is exhausted. 

I'll post on Monday evening or Tuesday with the news, the stats and best of all, pictures! I hope you'll rejoice with me as I enter a new phase in my life--one I've been looking forward to for a long time--one of my kids presenting me with a child of their own. It doesn't get much better than that. 
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