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Friday, March 28, 2008

Christian Priorities---How Do You Keep Them Straight?

Wow! What a hard subject this is, and one that's hitting me hard at the moment. As you can see if you've visited here much the past two weeks, I've not been posting. It's not been because I don't want to, or don't have anything to say, but rather, because life seems to be running over the top of me lately.

The problem is (and I'll bet you can relate to this)...some of what I found myself doing past two weeks was very necessary, and some seemed to simply sweep me along without my consent. Ten days of company off and on, book revisions and proposal deadlines, not feeling well, and trying to keep up with housework and doing remodel work on a house, have all taken their toll.

Tonight I'm thankful that I had a full day at home. I didn't get everything accomplished I'd hoped for, but I stayed in my pj's till 11 a.m. (shhh...don't tell!) and then puttered on a couple of projects and felt I made progress. Oh...and stared out my window at the blowing snow that's NOT supposed to be coming down a full week after the first day of spring!

But I think this was supposed to be about priorities, right? Like, knowing what our purpose in life is, and keeping fixed in that direction, rather than veering off on a dozen other tangents. That starts with keeping our heart and mind fixed on the Lord...and that takes time and commitment. Time that seems to get eaten up by all the 'necessary' things in life that come at you from all sides. Sure, some of them you can't help, but others can be delegated and even set aside. Some we don't have to say yes to, and some we need to simply use self discipline to avoid (like the internet and playing solitaire, LOL!) that eat up time.

I'm finding that I MUST spend more time with the Lord if I'm going to get through the craziness that seems to hit each day. I need His strength, wisdom and creativity, not to mention patience, to make each day count.

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