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Monday, November 27, 2006

Update On Comments

This is a short post, to thank all of you who tried to stop by & leave comments lately (especially you writer friends from ACFW!) and weren't able to. It looks like it's possible the comments were turned off on the two previous posts. So, I'm posting this as a test to see if it's on now & to give you all a place to comment, if it doesn't work.

UPDATE: Anyone who stopped by & read the most recent posts and wanted to comment, I got help from a fellow blogger who showed me how to go back & turn on the last two posts. You can now post comments on any of the old ones, or use this. Thanks everyone & I'll be posting again tonight or tomorrow.



Pam Meyers said...

I see the comment section is back! Yea!! Now let's see if it lets me leave a comment!

Miralee said...

HI Pam, It worked! Thank you for your persistence!! Hope you'll check back in occastionally. Have a blessed, happy holiday season this next few weeks.

Hugs, Miralee

Deb said...

I loved the story of the woman about to divorce. Funny, how you can change your 'tude by changing what you DO...!

Judy said...

building bridges deleted my long post...oh was great, though. i also found that when my tone of voice matched mt actions, dh couldn't do enough for me - and 12 days with my left wrist in a cast proved that.
we'll be married 39years on dec 2nd - i was a child bride :>)

eileen said...

Awww, so Heather worked some magic for you? She's awesome! I'll miss her when she adventures off.

Glad you got your blog running. I'll pop in from time to time.

Miralee said...

Deb & Judy,

I can't agree more...attitude and tone of voice are everything. One thing that will send my DH over the edge, is a lack of respect, which really comes across in body language and tone of voice.

Thanks for the comments, gals, I appreciate it!

Miralee said...

Eileen...Yes, Heather helped a lot, as well as several other gals. Where is she "venturing off" to? I hadn't heard anything about that?

Kristy Dykes said...

Hi, Miralee. I saw your announcement about your blog on the ACFW loop. Great articles. I,too, write about love and marriage on my blog at I hope you'll stop by sometime. God bless--

Kristy Dykes said...

I don't know why my pic didn't post. I posted my comment like I do on other blogs. No other pics are posted either, of commenters. Oh, well.

Lynetta said...

Hi Miralee,

Wonderful blog! I enjoyed reading your posts, very much.
Looking forward to seeing you again -- the OCW conference in Feb, perhaps?

Miralee said...

Hi Kristy,

I'm not sure why a picture won't post. I've never tried to do it in a comment, but it might have something to do with the new Beta blogger format they're using now. I'll see if I can find anything on it. Thanks for mentioning that it's not activated, and thank you for visiting!

Tim G said...

Very interesting Blog!
Keep up the good work.

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