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Monday, September 29, 2008

Christian Author Photos

WOW! I had the most amazing time at the huge Mall of America book signing 10 days ago. Over 100 Christian authors took part, and the turn out was terrific. Here are a few pictures taken there, as well as at conference of some of my author & aspiring author friends. If you don't have books yet by the gals designated as published authors, RUN to your local book store and pick one up. These are exceptional writers!

I just finished a book by Leanna
Ellis...titled "Lookin' Back, Texas" and it was an amazing book. LOVED it!! Here's a picture of Leanna and I at the book signing. She's such a neat person and it was a joy to sit next to her at the signing.

I've been hearing great thi
ngs about "Ruby Among Us" by Tina Ann Forkner, who sat next to me at the book signing. She's a talented writer and I'm looking forward to reading her books. I know we'll see more from her in the future, as well. Here's a pic of us ....and it's a reat one of her!

Kim Vogel Sawyer took Book of the Year at the conference. It's not a great picture of Kim, as my flash wouldn't reach far enough. I'm devouring Kim's books right now. She's such a talented author (as her award proves) and I'm blessed to have her as a friend.
But I'm posting a fun one she and I took in the women's bathroom, as well, LOL!

Linda Wichman's debut novel
released a couple of years ago and won Fantasy Book of the Year. It's set in the days of King Arthur and looks like a fascinating read. Here's a pic of Linda and I at conference. Kim snapped this one of us in the women's bathroom, as well, LOL! Sometimes the best meetings happen in the strangest places!

Debby Mayne is a well known author of Christian romance, and one of my "Summerside Sisters"....writing for the Summerside Press "Love
Finds You" romance line, as am I. She's on the far left, and Tamela, who is also a Summerside author and sister, and happens to also be my lovely agent! She's in the middle. Tamela has a number of inspirational romance's in print, and is a very talented author as well.

Irene Brand is another very well known author, who's written over 20 books. I caught up with her in the hallway just after one of Angela Hunt's talks and a she sent me this pic that someone snapped for us. Irene is also one of my Summerside Sisters. Can't wait for our books to start releasing. The first two have just hit the shelves and are available on Amazon right now. Jus
t type in "Love Finds You In" in the search engine, and it will show the ones available to ship now.

Here's a very special person...Mimi, an online friend who read my book, The Other Daughter, and wrote a very nice review. She's been such a huge supporter of Christian fiction and made a special trip to the book signing to chat with several of her favorite authors. I was so blessed to be one of them!

My book, Love Finds You In Last Chance, California, releases with Summerside in February. My editor has it on her desk right now, and my edits and revisions will start soon. I'm soooo excited about this new book! It's a historical romance with a touch of a mystery woven in. Look for it on Amazon by typing in Miralee Ferrell in the search engine, as it doesn't show up on its own just using the title yet.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mall of America Book Signing Coming Soon!


Booksigning by 100+ novelists at Mall of America September 20

(MINNEAPOLIS, MINN.) Hundreds of authors and aspiring authors will attend the annual
American Christian Fiction Writers conference at the Sheraton Bloomington Hotel September 18-21, 2008. They’ll study the craft of writing from a Christian worldview, get the word out about their books, and meet with editors from nearly every major publishing house in their industry.

They’re also coming to get signed books. On Saturday, September 20, 1:00-3:00pm in the Best Buy® Rotunda and Bloomingdale’s Court of the Mall of America, over 100 bestselling and award-winning authors such as Angela Hunt, James Scott Bell, Rene Gutteridge, Deborah Raney, Tamera Alexander, Judith Miller, Nancy Moser, Kim Vogel Sawyer, and Brandt Dodson will sign copies of their books for conference attendees and the public.

"ACFW is very excited to partner with the Mall of America in hosting a booksigning of such magnitude,” said ACFW President Robin Miller. “As a reader myself, I'm thrilled at the opportunity to meet so many authors and have my books autographed. I intend to do much of my Christmas shopping at the booksigning."

Here's an alphabetical list of the author's who plan to sign their books for the public. As you can see, I'll be there as well. Hope you can join us!

Normal 0

Tamera Alexander

Jennifer AlLee

A.K. Arenz

Diane Ashley

Karen Ball

Janet Lee Barton

James Scott Bell

Joseph Bentz

Terri Blackstock

Robin Caroll

Patricia PacJac Carroll

Jeanie Smith Cash

Eleanor Clark

Debra Clopton

Gloria Clover

Brandilyn Collins

Mary Connealy

Lyn Cote

Kathryn Cushman

Margaret Daley

KM Daughters

Susan Page Davis

Mary Davis

Janet Dean

Megan DiMaria

Brandt Dodson

Lena Nelson Dooley

Cecelia Dowdy

Sharon Dunn

Wanda Dyson

Lynette Eason

Meredith Efken

Leanna Ellis

Sharon Ewell Foster

Miralee Ferrell

Tina Ann Forkner

Darlene Franklin

Jonathan Friesen

Rhonda Gibson

Terri Gillespie

Debby Giusti

Beth Goddard

Cathy Gohlke

Rene Gutteridge

Cathy Marie Hake

Kelly Eileen Hake

Karen Harter

Rachel Hauck

Roxanne Henke

Cynthia Hickey

Patti Hill

Sharon Hinck

Joan Hochstetler

Steven Hunt

Angela Hunt

Denise Hunter

Jennifer Johnson

Jenny B. Jones

Golden Keyes Parsons

Deb Kinnard

Julie Klassen

Kathleen Kovach

Harry Kraus

Harry Kraus

Patti Lacy

Maureen Lang

Jeanne Marie Leach

Tosca Lee

Julie Lessman

Michelle Levigne

Sherri L. Lewis

Elizabeth Ludwig

Christine Lynxwiler

Richard L. Mabry

Sharlene MacLaren

Gail Martin

Debby Mayne

Vickie McDonough

Andrew McGuire

Susan Meissner

Becky Melby

Dana Mentink

Amber Miller

Judith Miller

Sara Mills

Siri Mitchell

Nancy Moser

Janelle Mowery

Elizabeth Musser

Mark Mynheir

Jill Nelson

Mae Nunn

John Olson

Donita K. Paul

Trish Perry

Marta Perry

Allie Pleiter

Cara Putman

Deborah Raney

Sandra Robbins

Paul Robertson

John Robinson

Martha Rogers

Cynthia Ruchti

Gail Sattler

Kim Vogel Sawyer

Shelley Shephard Gray

Virginia Smith

Lynette Sowell

Candice Speare

Kathryn Springer

Denice Stewart

Sarah Anne Sumpolec

Michelle Sutton

Camy Tang

Donn Taylor

Janice Thompson

Cindy Thomson

Missy Tippens

Carrie Turansky

ML Tyndall

Amy Wallace

Susan May Warren

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Christian Fiction--Uplifting or a Waste of Time?

I'll admit that I'm one of "those Christians" that read more fiction than non---less of the self-help books, less Christian living, devotionals, or study guides, than I do fiction. I've had some people look askance at me and wonder why I waste my time.

Of course, now I'm helping add to the mix by writing Christian fiction, as well. But for years I simply read it. No...devoured would be a more accurate word.

Why, you ask? A friend recently told me she'd never read much of any inspirational fiction until I asked her to become an advance reader for my books...prior to them hitting the bookshelves. She's now read three of them, and is loving each one more than the one before. In fact, she told me a few days ago after reading my most recent, that I'm making her into a 'believer' in Christian fiction.

She used to believe that only secular fiction would be well written...that inspirational fiction would probably be cheesy, preachy, tame and boring. Sigh. Unfortunately, for people who haven't experienced it, that's often the belief.

Or, the other side of the coin--those who will ONLY read non-fiction, because that's "real life" and fiction is simply a bunch of make believe that has no relevant use in our lives.

Not so. Take my first book, The Other Daughter. The story line revolves around a married couple who are unequally yoked spiritually. On top of that, add the crisis of broken trust, a child out o f wedlock showing up on their doorstep years after the fact, and a friend who doesn't trust Christians who's trying to destroy the marriage. Do you know anyone in even one of these situations? Maybe someone dealing with a step-child issue, or with foster children? A marriage in crisis because one partner is a committed Christian the other isn't interested? Or one that has cheated in the past, and the truth has just been revealed. Sound like real life, or just make-believe?

Much of Christian fiction now-a-days is realistic and drawn from much that happens today. The suspense/mystery thrillers could fit in with any episode of CSI, only clean and free of the smut and language. The romances can stand up with the best on the secular market, without the sex and titillation, but with all the tenderness and heart pounding romance. The historical fiction will teach you a thing or two about the past, and draw you into the fabric of yesteryear.

Do I support Christian fiction? You bet! And I get to be a part of one of the biggest Christian booksignings that's ever been undertaken. Saturday afternoon, Sept. 20th at the Minneapolis Mall of America, I'll be gathering with over 100 other published authors. Check back here in a couple of days and I'll post a list of all the authors attending. If you're anywhere near the city on that day, I'd love to have you stop by and say hi...or let me sign your book if you have a copy, or point you to one of the other awesome authors you might enjoy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Governor Palin's Speech Tonight

I missed Gov. Palin's speech tonight as I chose to attend our church prayer meeting, but thankfully we have Tivo. My husband and I just finished watching parts of the Republican convention, and all of Palin's speech.

I've never yet blogged about anything policical, but am going to stretch out a bit and share my impressions, based on comments posted on other blogs that I've just finished reading.

There's a lot of chatter about Gov. Palin's "cheap shots" that she made against Obama. There's also been talk that the speech was written for her and she did a poor job delivering it.

Here's my take: There's been a tremendous amount of negative talk on the media the past few days about Gov. Palin and her level of experience, as well a her ability to be a mother and do the job as VP, should she be elected. I felt that much of what she said tonight was in direct response to some of the attacks made against her. It's my understanding that the majority of all political speeches are written by prof. speech writers, not the speaker, so I have no problem with Gov. Palin using a prepared speech. She shared things from her personal life, gave us insight into what she's accomplished since taking office as mayor, then governor, and some of the changes she'd like to see in the future. Her delivery was passionate and heart felt, not robotic or canned.

I think we got a small taste of what to expect from a woman who shoots from the hip and isn't afraid to say what she believes. Did she choose to point out the differences in the Obama and the McCain campaigns and where she feels Obama is lacking? Sure. That's often been the job of the VP candidate. Hold up and support your running mate, tout why he would be the best choice, and expose areas of weakness in your opponent. Did she say things that were blatantly untrue? Not any that I was able to spot (having only watched it one time), but then I don't follow Obama's rhetoric closely.

My overall impression was of a woman who knows what she believes, and isn't afraid to stand up for it. I liked her no-nonsense approach to big government...cut spending, get rid of extravagant items like corporate jets and limo's. Chop taxes, encourage the growth of small business, and bring industry to America. I plan on voting McCain/Palin and it wouldn't scare me one bit if Palin ended up in a position to have to take the reins in the future. She came across as having common sense, executive skills and strength of character.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Anyone Know About Herniated Disks???

When it rains, it seems to pour...or maybe it's everything happens in three's? Actually, I'm praising God that I fell while taking a walk almost two months ago. Remember, the fall on the gravel road where I hit so hard, I gave myself whiplash? Then about two wks later I broke out with shingles. As a result of the fall I pushed to have a neck x-ray, even tho the doctor felt sure it was a whiplash and the pain was a result of the fall.

Turns out it was, but there's more to it and I'd love reader input on this.

The X-rays didn't look good and my doctor ordered an MRI. Turns out I have three bulging disks in my upper neck...C3, 4 & 5. All three are putting pressure on the nerves running down my shoulder and left arm. One of the three is rated as "extreme", as far as the pressure on the nerve. I've already lost some strength in my left wrist and have some degree of low level pain/ache/numbness at almost any given time.

She's referring me to a neurosurgeon and is pushing for surgery...soon if possible. I'd love to hear from anyone who's had this type of surgery, or knows someone who has. Did you recover 100% from upper neck surgery? How long did it take? Have you had any ongoing effects?

I'll probably have to opt for it, regardless...short of a total miracle. My doctor is concerned that it's progressing/getting worse. It could cut off the nerves entirely and lead to complete loss of the use of my arm, or paralysis. Not good. And any damage that happens prior to surgery won't be reversible.

So any comments or input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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