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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Delia Latham Blog Tour and Giveaway

Yesterday's Promise by Delia Latham

Please join me in welcoming Delia Latham to my blog. Delia's new book, Yesterday's Promise was released in March. Delia has been a friend for several years and I'm honored to spotlight her new book. I haven't finished reading it yet, so will leave the review for later, but I can assure you that she's a talented writer and you'll enjoy her new release.

Quite a delightful tale. I enjoyed the struggle between Hannah's worry of right and wrong, and how ultimately her faith brings the answers she seeks. Brock and Hannah are endearing characters who will have you on their side immediately. I love an inspirational romance and I loved this story. Well done, Ms Latham.
~ Wendy, Coffee Time Romance, 4-Cup Rating

A story of loyalty, devotion and enduring love. Ms. Latham shows that as one trusts in God, miracles can sometimes happen. Yesterday’s Promise is a charming read. Once I started reading, I didn't wish to stop until I learned the fate of Brock and Hannah.

~ Linda, Lighthouse Literary Reviews, 4-Beacon Rating

Post a comment and you will be entered to win a $10 gift certificate from Wild Rose Publishing.

Yesterday's Promise

A whirlwind romance amidst the natural splendor of Yosemite
National Park. A spur-of-the-moment wedding. A young
bride who awakens the morning after to find her new husband
gone with the mountain wind.

Songbird Hannah Johns supports the child born of that ill fated
union by singing in a dinner lounge. Her dream of
someday owning the elite establishment and turning it into a
venue more suited to her Christian values is shattered when
an unexpected transaction places it in the hands of Brock
Ellis, the handsome biker who abandoned her in their honeymoon

Ensuing sparks fly high, revealing buried secrets and
forgotten pasts. Seeking to find peace with her painful past,
Hannah returns to Yosemite, only to have Brock show up
hard on her heels. Back where it all began, she finds herself
in danger of losing her heart yet again to the man who shattered
it the first time around.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Setting Goals--Or Not?

Goals--A Dirty Word or a Big Help?

For years I avoided writing down my goals, figuring I knew them in my head and didn't need to. That was fine at the time, as my life was relatively organized and not overly busy.

Now however, things have changed.

Five years ago I started writing Christian fiction and three years ago my first book released, with three more following and another coming next February. What has that meant in my life? Unorganized chaos.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE writing, but the entire package takes a lot of work. You write, you edit, you rewrite, you market your books, attend book signings, speak occasionally, keep active on social networking sites, answering an increasingly heavy load of email, all while still trying to maintain a life outside of writing. I'm often up till midnight working and tired the next morning. Almost like when I had little ones at home, LOL!

So what's a gal to do? See the picture above of my flower bed last year? Well, this year it needs weeding and bedding put down, my lawn needs mowed (hubby will probably take care of that, thankfully) and I have a huge garden to tend. I also have two dogs that need walked, a horse that I LOVE to ride on the trails with my grown daughter and her horse, and I must get some exercise or all this sitting at the computer will make me a blimp.

Sigh. So, I decided it's time to set goals and WRITE them down. I also contacted a friend & asked if I could give her my weekly goals. She agreed to hold me accountable each week and she does. She calls me twice weekly to see how I'm doing and encourage me to keep going.

As a result, I'm staying close to my daily writing goals, have cut Pepsi consumption by 75%, am walking/jogging with my dog 3-4 days a wk, and have lost 7 lbs.

How about you? Are you a goal setter or like I used to be, just hoping I'd get it all done. I'd love to hear from you. Has setting goals made a difference in your life?
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