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Friday, May 30, 2008

Someone Precious Is Gone Today

I lost my grandmother today, but I know she's in heaven with Jesus and with her husband who went ahead of her over 40 yrs ago. Grammie lived a full and very long life. She would have celebrated her 99th birthday in July.

She was so much more than my grandmother....she was a lover of children, a witty woman who didn't lose that sense of humor clear to the end. She was fiercely loyal to family and friends and known to everyone who loved her, as Grammie. She attended the small church in Lyle, Wa., for many years, where she and her husband moved (from Eastern Oregon) when just a few years before he passed away.

The picture at the top was taken just a few months ago with the kitty that resides at the home where she stayed. Her mind was sharp and she was still getting around in a wheelchair when a small stroke hit a couple of weeks ago. God was so merciful that He allowed her to slip into a gentle sleep in the small hours of this morning and she simply went on to be with Him.

I'm grateful for the many years I had with my many more than a lot of adults my age (I'm over 50 myself) ever get to experience. My grown kids knew her well, and she's seen great-grandchildren come into the world, as well. I'm celebrating her life today and cherishing the precious memories of a wonderful woman who loved me.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Win A Book AGAIN!!!

This is not typical for me, but I'm doing yet another book give-away to celebrate The Other Daughter being picked as the June book of the month selection for the ACFW book club.

But this contest has a MUST read the rules below and follow them, or you won't be entered.

I'm giving away THREE books this time, not one, but three. What must you do to win one? Just leave a comment you ask? Nope, Nada...not this time. You must leave a very creative comment along this line---

I'm giving these books away to pick up influencers. In other words, I need you to 'shout it from the roof-tops' if you enjoy the book, after you've read it. Please tell me in the comment section:

Why you want a book

What creative ideas you can offer that will help promote the book, after you've read it? (see a few suggestions below) Give me at least three, and more if you can.

Your email address disguised so the spam bots can't grab in, miralee at gorge dot net

That's it....three simple rules....but all are critical and leaving out any of them will exclude you.

If I get only three comments, you'll all get a book. If I get multiple (as I hope and expect) then I'll pick the ones I feel will help influence the most. If there are a lot of you and I have a hard time deciding, it'll turn into a drawing. I'll keep this contest open for one week and post the winner a week from tomorrow, or May 12th. Thanks!

Now for the example I might offer to post a review on your blog or website, or drop glowing written reports off at your local bookstore and beg them to carry copies...Be creative, but don't get so crazy that it's not realistic. And above all, I'll be looking for follow through. I'll ask the winners to notify me after they've read the book and let me know what they DID do.
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