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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Melanie Dobson Novel Giveaway!!

Melanie is giving away a copy of her new historical novel, The Silent Order. To win, you must do the following:

Post a question for Melanie about her life, her writing, her books, or something you've always wanted to know. If you follow my blog and sign up to follow Melanie's at you'll get second entry, so sign up or let me know if you already are. Melanie will check back a couple of times a day for the next four days until the contest closes, when I'll be drawing a name as the winner.

About the book:

Cleveland, Ohio, 1929. Dark secrets bind the notorious Cardano family together, but Detective Rollin Wells is close to exposing them. The Cardanos are working in the hills south of Cleveland, and when Rollin travels to Sugarcreek to investigate, he discovers that the Cardanos want him dead. Rollin hides out in an Amish home, trying to uncover why the Cardanos are in Amish country and who is collaborating with them. As he gets closer to the truth, he also attempts to find out what a beautiful Amish woman named Katie Lehman—a woman who reminds him of the girl he once loved—is hiding. Will Katie trust him with her secret...and her heart? Or will the Cardano code of honor silence them both?

About Melanie.....

Melanie Dobson loves reading and researching historical fiction as much as she enjoys writing it. The award-winning author of seven historical and contemporary novels, her historical novel Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana was chosen as the Best Book of Indiana (fiction) for 2010, and her suspense novel The Black Cloister received the Foreword Book of the Year award in 2009 for religious fiction and was nominated for the ACFW Carol Award (suspense category.).

Melanie is the former corporate publicity manager at Focus on the Family, and she worked in public relations for fifteen years before she began writing fiction fulltime. She grew up in Ohio, but has lived in Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, California, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Berlin, Germany. She and her family now reside near Portland, Oregon, and while her family still loves to travel, they are hoping not to move again for a very long time.

More information about Melanie and her books is available at


Romantic Times, 4 ½ stars

What a wonderful book by an amazing author! In Dobson’s latest offering, readers will find mystery, love and values that have withstood the test of time. The characters are a delight and readers get a fascinating glimpse into the underworld of gangsters during the era of Prohibition and the dangers police faced in keeping law and order.

Janna Ryan (reader)

Melanie Dobson has taken something that I'm not overly fond of right now (Amish themed books) and given it such a fascinating twist that I couldn't help but love this book. When you mix the Amish with mystery, mayhem and the Mafia, how could it not be great. There are many twists and turns in this book that really kept me guessing. Melanie has a way of presenting all kinds of questions and then slowly but surely pulling the threads together one at a time. Giving just enough info to help you figure things out but not enough info to spoon feed it to you - I love that! I'm an intelligent reader, don't patronize me... and Melanie doesn't. She continues to write books that are making me a life long fan of her books!

Book Reviews by Molly

I really enjoyed reading this book. The instant pull into the story is absolutely amazing. The plot line is different, though. Very different. Melanie Dobson is a seasonally talented author who truly knows what her fans will love. She took two extremely different worlds and blended them in a way that would seem unthinkably impossible. But, she did it and it was WONDERFUL!

Kim Vogel Sawyer, bestselling author of My Heart Remembers

Melanie Dobson weaves a tale of intrigue cloaked with secrets yet threaded with elements of grace. Put The Silent Order on your must-have list.

Melanie and Miralee at a book signing in Portland, Oregon

The fine print: No one has paid me to post this contest or for my comments.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Christmas Mail-Order Brides" Book Giveaway!

We're doing a GREAT Giveaway today. It's a book that will help put you in the mood for the upcoming holidays! But first....the rules.

This isn't your typical book drawing. Instead of doing a 'canned' interview with our two authors (Carrie and Vickie) in advance, I let YOU, the reader, be the interviewer and ask the questions. In fact, you must ask a question or make a specific comments about one of Carrie or Vickie's books that you've read, to enter. Anyone who simply states they want to be entered in the drawing will miss out, as it shows you didn't read these directions.

Marriage Arrives by Mail-Order—just in time for Christmas!

Three unmarried women contact Mrs. Mayberry's Matrimonial Society for Christians of Moral Character seeking husbands and travel the Transcontinental Railroad hoping love awaits them.

Annika Bergstrom, a Swedish immigrant, travels to Wyoming where her intended, Chase Simms, has disappeared, leaving his father and brother saddled with her future. When her groom returns, will her heart still be free to give?

Enroute to Nevada, Jolie Addams's stagecoach is robbed, placing her in a compromising situation with wounded fellow passenger, Clay HJackson, when they are forced to spend a night on the trail alone. together. Will Joile's fiance be understanding?

Elizabeth Lariby packs up her life of secrets and heads to Nebraska for a new start, but her fiance, Zane Michaels, also has secrets that could doom the new marriage. Can they learn to trust each other?

When Amelia Mayberry decides to end her matchmaking service, she still has one prospective groom waiting to be matched. Will traveling to California to meet Lennox Baily set things right or create new conflicts?

Will this Christmas season bring hope to those seeking lasting love?

ALSO--double your chance of winning. Become a follower of my blog and get your name put in again. It's that easy. Two chances to win! So come on gals, think up some great questions for our two guest authors today and as always, thanks for visiting!

Carrie Turansky
Click HERE to go to Carrie's web site

Vickie McDonough

Click here to go to Vickie's web site


"Four delightful stories of adventures in love. It's fun to read the twists and turns the writers came up with to develop story lines that capture your heart and imagination. I read the book in two days outside of work, couldn't wait to see how they would end. I highly recommend this book, perfect book lovers gift for this upcoming Christmas season." Review by P.J.

Lovely Annika Bergstrom, a Swedish immigrant, travels to Wyoming to meet and marry a man she's never met—only he doesn't know it! Well meaning family initiated the "romance" in the best interests of the widower Chase Simms. The problem is, Chase is not interested, and Annika finds his brother, Daniel, more the type of man she can count on and respect. Family and romantic tension abound in Turansky's story that well portrays what it meant to become a mail-order bride—burned bridges and facing an uncertain future with an unknown man. I loved that the author was able to bring an intriguing plot twist with such tension, compassion, romance and surrender to the Lord—all in a short space. I've not read the other stories yet, but I was caught up in the storytelling of "A Trusting Heart" and look forward to reading more from this author." Reviewed by Cathy Gohlke

Christmas Mail-Order Brides

By Susan Page Davis, Vickie McDonough, Therese Stenzel, Carrie Turansky

Published by Barbour, ISBN: 978-1-60260-969-3, 350 pages, $7.99

Available at, and local bookstores.

Disclaimer--I wasn't paid or given anything to do this drawing.

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