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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dumping the Fat

Isn't that what we'd all love to do? Get rid of those awful fat pockets stored all over our body? Shudder!!! And where in the world did they come from? I'm 5' 5" tall, and up until I hit about age 40 or so, weighed 120 or fact, in my 20's and 30's I averaged around 115, a bit too light for my height, but my metabolism burned calories faster than I could pack them on.

Then, the dreaded 40's snuck up on me, and my fat burning ability slowed to a crawl. Unfortunately, my eating habits didn't change. I'd spent my entire life eating anything I wanted and never paying for it. It boomeranged with a vengeance. I got up to 130 and didn't think much of it, as that was just a couple of lbs more than what I should be for my height and frame. Then 5 lbs more, and then another five....and...well, I'm not telling. Let's just say, I gained too much in the next 15 yrs.

Yes, I changed my eating habits. Yes, I started to exercise more, although I've always been fairly active. But it's been a constant battle. Now, however, I'm determined that's going to change, and I'm publicly stating....and hoping my readers will help keep me accountable....that I'm GOING to lose weight. At least 10 lbs before Thanksgiving!!

I started yesterday on a diet that's worked for several of my friends and I'll let you know it goes. I'll post one every 7-10 days with an update, if even one person leaves a comment showing that they care to know. Otherwise, I guess I'll just rejoice (or moan and groan) alone, LOL!

Wish me luck, pray for me, bless me, and lend your support. My cholesterol is too high, and my clothes don't fit well, and it's TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!

In fact, if I'm brave and this works, I may even do a before and after picture in a month or two!
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