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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tricia Goyer--Generation NeXt Marriage

Generation NeXt Marriage
By Tricia Goyer

I'm so excited to announce the release of my friend Tricia's new book, and one that I'm enjoying immensely! This is a must have for anyone wanting a better marriage. You already have a good marriage, you say? Fine. But do you want a BETTER marriage? Then pick up a copy of Tricia's book at your local store, or click on a link below to purchase a copy on line. As you can see in the picture to the left, Tricia's also written Generation NeXt Parenting, so check that out, too!!!

I'll be posting my own impressions and favorite chapter in the next day or two, so be sure to check back for that. But for now, here's some basic info about the book, as well as other blogs that are hosting her tour, to get you started.

Book Description

Do you still find yourself humming the love songs of the 80s and 90s?

Do you still believe that every marriage should be between soul mates?

But -- do you wonder how you can succeed at love and marriage when the generation you grew up in didn't?

Marriage isn't what it used to be-it can be better than ever.

If you are a Gen Xer, your marriage has challenges and potentials that no other generation has known. A Gen Xer herself, Tricia Goyer offers realistic help to achieve the God-honoring marriage you long for. She includes:

·Ways to protect your marriage despite the broken relationships modeled in your youth

·Stories, suggestions, and confessions from fellow Gen Xers facing the "What now?" question of real-life marriage

·Advice from the ultimate marriage survival guide: the Bible

·Stats, quizzes, sidebars, and study questions related to this "relationally challenged" time in history

·Practical helps for negotiating kids, work, sex, money, and dirty laundry-sometimes all in the same evening

If you are part of a generation of adults who don't want to bow to their culture or live and love like their parents did -- this book is for you.
Tricia's website:

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Christian Priorities---How Do You Keep Them Straight?

Wow! What a hard subject this is, and one that's hitting me hard at the moment. As you can see if you've visited here much the past two weeks, I've not been posting. It's not been because I don't want to, or don't have anything to say, but rather, because life seems to be running over the top of me lately.

The problem is (and I'll bet you can relate to this)...some of what I found myself doing past two weeks was very necessary, and some seemed to simply sweep me along without my consent. Ten days of company off and on, book revisions and proposal deadlines, not feeling well, and trying to keep up with housework and doing remodel work on a house, have all taken their toll.

Tonight I'm thankful that I had a full day at home. I didn't get everything accomplished I'd hoped for, but I stayed in my pj's till 11 a.m. (shhh...don't tell!) and then puttered on a couple of projects and felt I made progress. Oh...and stared out my window at the blowing snow that's NOT supposed to be coming down a full week after the first day of spring!

But I think this was supposed to be about priorities, right? Like, knowing what our purpose in life is, and keeping fixed in that direction, rather than veering off on a dozen other tangents. That starts with keeping our heart and mind fixed on the Lord...and that takes time and commitment. Time that seems to get eaten up by all the 'necessary' things in life that come at you from all sides. Sure, some of them you can't help, but others can be delegated and even set aside. Some we don't have to say yes to, and some we need to simply use self discipline to avoid (like the internet and playing solitaire, LOL!) that eat up time.

I'm finding that I MUST spend more time with the Lord if I'm going to get through the craziness that seems to hit each day. I need His strength, wisdom and creativity, not to mention patience, to make each day count.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Goldeneyes--New Christian Fiction Summary

Goldeneyes, by Delia Latham


A man’s eyes are the windows to his soul … if he has one.

Deep in the darkness of a Depression-era night, a man addicted to alcohol sells something precious to obtain it. His vile action impacts the lives of two entire families, and it will be over two decades before the horrible wrong begins to be made right again.

Two young women – strangers to each other – unknowingly enmeshed in a Pandora’s Box of secrets that could prevent them from finding happiness with the men they love. Two adoring mothers who know more than they are willing to say. A newsman with a story he cannot tell. What is their connection, and who is the golden-eyed stranger who moves in the shadows of their broken lives?


The old cuckoo clock on the shelf in the front room struck midnight. It’s persistent chirping irritated Jack Kelly’s already frayed nerves as he paced back and forth across the small room.

“Shut up! Shut up!” he growled beneath his breath, casting an anxious look at the crib in the next room. When no signs of disturbed sleep were forthcoming, he breathed a grateful sigh of relief. The last thing he needed right now was a squalling infant to further vex the burning demon within him. He had promised his wife he would not spend a cent on liquor. New babies meant new expenses, and those things must come first.

So far he had kept his promise; he’d had no choice. Every penny he earned with his hoe, day after blistering day in the cotton fields, was swallowed up in scratching out a meager existence. There never seemed to be a penny extra, to say nothing of the few dollars a bottle of whiskey would cost. With the addition of this new offspring, who knew when he would be able to quench the gnawing demon of thirst that drove him insane? He had to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. The arrival of more children would only make that job harder, and it was obvious Annie did not intend to stop at one pregnancy.

Another glance into the small bedroom revealed no unwelcome stirrings from the crib. A bright moonbeam, however, lay across the bed, and Kelly’s tormented gaze fell on the lovely face of the woman he had married. He had considered himself a lucky man when she said yes to his proposal, despite her goody-two-shoes, Bible-thumping parents. If he loved anything on this poor excuse of an earth, he loved Annie. She was a perfect wife.

Their home might be barely more than a shack, but it sparkled, and she was a real wonder in the kitchen. He could not remember her voice ever raised in anger, even when he had fallen through the front door, dog drunk, a week after she married him.

Kelly’s fevered mind wandered to his conversation with the poor fish in the cotton field. Had it only been eight or nine hours ago? It seemed an eon; every moment without the drink he craved was an eternity.

Poor fella don’t know how lucky he is. Only has to worry ‘bout that pretty little gal and hisself. I bet he could buy a bottle of whiskey if he wanted one!

With the thought, an idea was born, full-blown and itching for action. He actually stopped pacing for a moment, shocked to the core by the undiluted vileness of the seed taking root in his mind. He stood staring at the crib against the far wall and shook his head as if to toss out the evil thought.

“You’re crazy,” he whispered. His heart pounded painfully against his chest; little beads of sweat dotted his forehead and chin. “You’ve done gone stark, starin’ mad!”

And perhaps he had, for suddenly he found himself across the room, gazing down into the hand-me-down crib. He was horrified at the darkness within his imagination, yet knew full well he hadn’t the strength of mind or will to resist its powerful pull.

One more almost desperate glance at his wife’s face … if she would only wake up he would have to forsake this notion, and perhaps he could rid himself of the unforgivable intent. Indeed, Annie did stir a little and drew a deep sigh, almost as though she heard his desperate mental cry. But hers was the sleep of utter exhaustion and she slumbered on.

A few moments later, Kelly slipped silently out the back door of the little shack, clutching a tiny pink bundle in his arms and blinking back the tears of shame and self-loathing that sprang unbidden to his eyes.

Here are the web sites for the balance of the blog tour so you can read more about Delia and her next book!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

New Release by Delia Latham...And Contest!!!

GOLDENEYES--Christian Fiction by Delia Latham

Publisher: Vintage Romance Publishing

Release Date: March 30, 2008

My friend Delia has a brand new novel coming out the end of this month and I'm so excited for her! I'm going to tell you a little about Delia first, then give you some info about the contest she's sponsoring. Check back here tomorrow for a summary of her book and more info!

Author Bio:

Delia Latham is a former newspaper Staff Writer and a frequent contributor to her hometown’s regional publication, Bakersfield Magazine. She also writes greeting card verse, short stories, articles, and songs. Her editing and proofing skills have been utilized by numerous authors, including Dr. Chuck Wall, founder of the Random Acts of Kindness movement.

A debut novel, Almost Like a Song, was released in June 2006; Goldeneyes will be released in March 2008 by Vintage Romance Publishing. Delia’s work is included in an upcoming short story anthology, The Shortstack: 20 Stories to Fill You Up.

The author lives in Bakersfield, California with her husband, Johnny, a Pentecostal minister. Her four adult children and four “beautiful, absolutely perfect” grandchildren daily light up her life. She loves to hear from her readers. Contact her through her website ( or her blog (

Delia will be giving away a Goldeneyes T-shirt and an electronic copy of her book. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this blog post, or the one that's coming up. She'll draw when the blog tour ends and notify the winner. Be sure to leave a way for her to contact you.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sharlene Maclaren's New Book...Courting Emma

Courting Emma - coming spring '08

My friend and fellow author Sharlene Maclaren has a new book releasing this spring. I was privileged to be an advance reader and endorser for this book and am thrilled to help with spreading the word. Here's my personal endorsement/review of her book.

Courting Emma, by Sharlene MacLaren takes you through a gamut of emotions. You'll experience life with her very real characters, delve into your own heart on spiritual issues, smile and rejoice when victories are won and find deep satisfaction in a story well told. This sweet novel will keep you enmeshed till the end as it weaves its spell around your heart.
   Miralee Ferrell

If you haven't read her other books in this series, you can get them on Amazon or CBD, or at your local retail book store. You can read this book as a stand-alone, but you'll be meeting people in the small town that were introduced (and their stories explained) in prior books.

Book Description:

Twenty-eight-year old Emma Browning has experienced a good deal of life in her young age. Sole owner and operato
r of Emma’s Boardinghouse, she is “mother” to an array of beefy, unkempt, often rowdy characters. Though many men would like to get to know the steely, hard-edged, yet surprisingly lovely, proprietress, none has ever succeeded. That is, not until the town’s new pastor, Jonathan Atkins, takes up residence in the boardinghouse, affecting not only her with his devout faith and strong convictions, but her clientele as well. Emma clings desperately to her stubborn ways, refusing to acknowledge God’s love—until all of Little Hickman witnesses a miracle—the conversion of her abusive and alcoholic father, Ezra Browning! Only then will Emma begin to experience God’s transforming power at work.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dealing with Change...Your Spouse and Their Dreams

I talked about personal change or the curves that life throws at you last time we chatted, but how about change that comes from those closest to you?

I don't know about you, but I've found that to be some of my most challenging moments. When someone who knows me better than anyone else tries to rock my 'life' boat with change, my hackles tend to raise a little faster than if it's just an acquaintance, or even a friend.

I've experienced this a number of times in my life. My husband, Allen, is someone who does NOT like life to be stagnant, and thrives on change. He's the man who's refurbishing our 51' sail boat so we can start traveling extensively, and he's stated he doesn't care if we 'never come back', LOL! Now I enjoy traveling, and sailing is fun, but I also very much enjoy my home, my yard, my kitties and my extended family. Oh...and somehow I don't think my horse is going to fit on the boat.

So what happens when two desires and two sets of goals clash? Does one have to give up their dream or their desire completely, and give way to the other? Not necessarily, although I'm sure we've all done that to one degree or another. That's where we begin to find out what our marriage is really made of. Are we willing to compromise and give for the sake of the other?

I know my hubby won't demand that I live on our boat forever, but nor should I demand that we only take it out for 2-3 weeks at a time, when he's longing to go for months. We'll both need to give to some degree, and I might just have to bend a little more than him, as I can easily take my laptop aboard, still do my writing, and keep in touch with my family by phone and email. We're not getting any younger, and I have to remind myself that we won't be physically able to handle a large sail boat in say, 15 more years. Once out legs get a bit wobbly, or our site isn't as sharp (you get my meaning...we get OLD, LOL!) I'll have plenty of time to curl up in my comfy house.

Do you have an area in your marriage where you find yourself in disagreement with your spouse on a regular basis. Are your goals and dreams in constant conflict? Ask the Lord to give you insight into your loved one's heart...that you might begin to see life through their eyes, and ask that He do the same thing for them, with you. Try to put yourself in their place, and at least for a time, believe in their dreams and help to attain them. Believe me, the rewards might far exceed what you expect!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Life Decisions Can Be Hard

Change. It's a word that can generate anticipation, fear, anxiety and excitement, to name a few. Life is never constant, but always seems to be in a perpetual state of flux and change. Sometimes it's emotionally satisfying, sometimes it's stressful. Thankfully, if you're a child of God and trusting in Jesus, you can know that He is in control of each change that life throws at you.

We've been struggling to make a decision the past couple of months concerning our new home, and the old one that hasn't sold. We realize now that we jumped the gun on building the new one. We listed the old house when the market was still somewhat strong, but just starting to soften. It didn't sell quickly, and we were already obligated to the construction loan on the new one. It was too late to back out, so we built, doing much of the finish work ourselves, and gaining a tremendous amount of equity. Plus, we'd owned the property for 4 yrs, and the land value had increased to over double what we paid.

We've been faced with a hard decision the past couple of months. Continue to try to sell the old house, or put the new one on the market. My hubby and I both loved the old house, and had done a lot of remodeling and yard work during the four years we lived there. The new house is lovely, truly my dream house, but it's huge. We overbuilt, and are now realizing what a big job it is to keep up with. Our grown kids have been urging us to sell, asking if we really want a house this big for the next 20 yrs...we're not getting any younger. The answer? Not unless I could hire a maid and a landscaper, and that's not an option right now. My hubby has never connected with this house emotionally and misses the old one.

A month ago we put the new house on the market, but I've still been struggling with letting it go. Yesterday we spent a couple of hours at the new house, starting to lay Travertine on the laundry room floor. Today, our daughter and her hubby came to help. The men worked on the tile, and she and I did yard work. And you know what? It felt like I was home. Truly home. I've poured so much time and energy into that yard, and it was starting to come together when we moved. Allen has promised me a brand new kitchen (we have the old 1950's metal cabinets in there now) if we sell the new house and move back, and we're going to replace a few other things inside, as well. The house is a 100 yr old Craftsman/Victorian style, with charm and character, and is SO homey. The updates we'll do will make it even more so.

I must admit, I'm beginning to feel a sense of excitement and joy about the possibility of moving "home" again. Will I miss the new house? Probably for a while. Will I love the feeling of freedom that selling it will bring? You bet! We'll have enough money to pay the new one off, and completely pay off the mortgage on the old one, as well. Mortgage free in 2008...a new beginning...that's our goal this year.

God is good. He didn't allow our old house to sell, and helped us build a large amount of equity in this new one. We'll get to return home to a house we loved, that will be remodeled, updated, and PAID FOR! It doesn't get much better than that!
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