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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Miralee's Book Goes To The Movies??? Maybe!

Let's just say I'm a little bit excited and maybe you can imagine what that means, after you read on.....
My agent got a call from the major motion picture studio (which has to remain unnamed for now, but trust me, you'd know it if you heard it...) that had expressed an interest in reading my manuscript a couple of months ago.
The rep read it and really liked fact, she stated that it was an inspiring read, she loved the characters and the plot....BUT (and we expected this) it has too strong of faith elements for their company. It needs to be a family movie, as it would be produced by the family division of this company, but not explicitly Christian, as it is now.
My agent and I discussed it and told her we understood where she's coming from. The book was written for a Christian audience and publishing house, not a secular studio. We're in agreement that the book can be changed to reflect strong family values, and the faith element softened. My publisher is open to the idea, as long as all the faith elements aren't removed and we're able to see the transition that the main character makes in her personal life. I agree with him.
The studio rep said she's willing to take a look at it again, as she really liked the story, IF I'd be willing to do a complete summary of the entire book, showing what changes I'm willing to make and how the story line would run if the faith elements were softened or downplayed. I spent a number of hours getting that worked up for her, and now we're waiting for the okay from my publisher, before sending it along to the studio rep.
Any and all prayers would be appreciated! I feel this could be a wonderful ministry opportunity to the unchurched. So many Christian movies, while excellent, don't reach people who aren't Christians. Many unsaved people will watch a family movie, and a few of them may go buy the book after seeing it's based on a book....THEN get hit with the full faith message.
Please pray that God will give the book revisions (the book will stay just the same, only the movie script of the book would change) FAVOR in my publishers eyes and in the studio rep's eyes, IF He wants it to be a movie. It's for His glory, not mine. This is NOT something I ever looked for or expected, so it's not going to be a disappointment if it doesn't work out...but I do feel it has tremendous potential for the Kingdom, if it does!


Robin Johns Grant said...

What an exciting development, Miralee! I am praying for God to give you wisdom in the rewrites and to make great use of this opportunity.

Angela said...

Miralee - Congratulations! That's exciting! Our film production company is working on an adaptation of a Christian author's book, and there is a fine balance when you're trying to reach an audience beyond the church walls. Will be praying for you as this adventure begins!

brendalottakamaggiebrendan said...

That is so cool about your book being made into a movie! Hope it happens. I actually have someone looking at my manuscript(the screeplay)for a TV movie. It's very exciting to have it considered, even if it doesn't happen because it is such an affirmation of my writing. Blessings.

Miralee said...

Thanks for your prayers and support gals! I'm hoping to hear from my publisher on Monday with is approval of my summary, then it gets sent on to the studio rep. God is in Control!!! I'll keep you posted here on my blog when I hear either way. Regardless, it's been exciting and an honor having them look at it and seriously consider it. Hugs, Miralee

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting. We do need more good, wholesome films out there, so if it works out, awesome! May God work His plans here with your novel! :)

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