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Friday, May 25, 2007

Quick Update---House, Life and Stuff!

We're coming down to the wire and praying it all gets done. When we applied for a two month extension almost two months ago, we had no idea we'd need it. But our contractor (who was working on an hourly basis the last half of the job) had to move to a new job and we've been left to finish all the detail work inside this past two months.

We've laid tile floors, granite tile countertops, travertine/tile showers, trimmed out windows, put up crown moldings, hung doors and installed glass door knobs, installed all the lighting fixtures, hooked up the plumbing and did all the finish painting.

Any wonder we're just a bit tired and I'm not spending as much time here on my blog as I'd like? Hm...wonder why, LOL! It's 11;15 p.m. now and I should be in bed, as it's another full day tomorrow. The bank inspector arrives at 11 a.m. next Tuesday morning and the County inspector on Wednesday. All the signed off permits must be faxed to the bank no later than Thursday morning, including the water test from our well...we get one shot at that, as we didn't realize we needed to do it before the permit could be closed...and with Monday being a holiday, there's no time to get another test in if this one fails. So we're praying the water is good with nothing to ruin the contaminents that accidently get in the bottle, etc.

Any and all prayer gratefully accepted! Our marriage is still intact by the grace of God, LOL---altho the past 2-3 wks tempers flare a bit more easily and tears are at the ready due to sheer exhaustion. But we'll make it...we've had our son's help these past two months, 3 days per week, and our daughter and her husband have helped with the tile, so we're blessed!

Heading to bed and planning on hitting it hard again tomorrow....still praying for a buyer for the house we're needing to sell...but we had an excellent showing and may have an offer coming. Praying!!!


Jen's Journey said...

It sure is a lovely home. I am praying all goes well for your inspections and your sanity.

Jen's Journey said...

Okay, so today is "tomorrow" ... Hope the #4 item went well.

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I plan to sit down later tonight to whip up a newer addition to it.

Long week and it is only day two. But, the loss of Monday really crams everything. This weekend promises to be VERY busy. Hopefully, can get some good pictures while out and about, reporting. Then, share something on the blog.

God Bless!

Miralee said...

Hi Jen! Praise God, after a couple of minor glitches all systems are go! All inspections got signed (altho a couple have more items that need to be done, they were willing to sign off and come back to check later). Our loan will close on schedule and the major stress is off. We have a few small details to finish on our house, but it feels SO good to have the major stuff done!

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