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Friday, February 23, 2007

Update On Our House, and Still Waiting!!!

Here's the newest picture of our house taken a few days ago. We still have the exterior paint to do, but it's snowing up there right now, so has to warm up about 20 more degrees and be dry, before paint can begin.
The hardwood floors are in, the window casings are in process, then comes all the trim. Kitchen cabinets will be installed in 2 1/2 weeks, and carpet immediately after. We're hoping to move in 6-8 wks, and we've just made a counter offer on our house...the offer was way too low, so we'll see what happens with our counter.
On another note, I'm trying not to get frustrated over my book still not having a title. The publisher was out sick the first of last week, and planned on making a final decision when he got back. The marketing person was out the first half of this week, so I couldn't check with her till today...I finally sent both she and the publisher an email, only to get a response back that the publisher is out of the office from today till March 6th. Big sigh....I really am trying to be patient, and I'll let you know when I know anything more!
I also am hoping to have a release date by the end of next week, as well as getting a peek at the front cover, but we'll see what happens. God is still in charge, so I'm not sweating it, just curious and a bit anxious to see what they decide. I hope you all have a wonderful week end!

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