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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Catch Up Time!

Wow! I've never gone a week before between posts, much less 9 days! Life has gone by at super sonic speed this past couple of weeks and I'm finding myself falling behind daily.

Just a short catch up note, then I'll do better this week, and post something more uplifting and helpful.

First, an announcement~Ta-Da----drum roll---- Our 28 yr old son Steven just got engaged about a week ago. He and his lovely fiance Hannah spent a day on the Oregon coast where he proposed. We feel so blessed at the choice he's made, as Hannah is a wonderful, Godly young woman. They are tentatively planning on an August wedding. Wow! A wedding, and my book releasing, within about 30 days of each other, that's going to be some kind of exciting summer!

Our house is making good fact, that's what's kept me away from here this past wk or so. We're at the place where our contractor is installing the tongue and groove fir ceilings. But we wanted to stain them a light mahogany color, with one clear coat over the stain, so a two step process. My hubby and I have been doing all the staining an coating, trying to keep enough boards done to stay one day ahead of the workers. The entire upstairs will be done by tomorrow afternoon, but we had to spend this afternoon coating enough more for the entire day tomorrow, then will go up to do more, so they can have enough for the next day. One more week and all of them will be complete. Then we get to start painting all the baseboards and window/door trim boards and crown moldings, LOL!

I'm waiting to hear from the title committee on my book. I do know that it won't be Yesterday's Child, as that title is being used too many times already, but other books on the market. I've submitted a list of titles for their consideration, and am hoping they'll make a decision this week. Here's my top 4....tell me what you think...? If you haven't read the excerpt yet of the opening scene, you can do so on my web site.

Yesterday's Secret
Child of Yesterday
Forgotten Secret
Forgotten Memory

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