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Friday, February 16, 2007

Biting My Nails!

For any of you who don't know, I've written a novel and it's to be released this fall. Publishing houses like to have published authors endorse the book if possible, meaning they read it and make a short (hopefully positive!) comment about it, which will be used in some form of advertising, or in/on the book some where.

I put out a call to several authors I know and four of them were gracious enough to offer to give their valuable time to reading my manuscript. Now, here's the thing...I assumed the book wouldn't be sent out till AFTER it had gone through a full round of edits by the staff at Kregel.

Wrong. I just got a note from one of my prospective endorsers, saying she was so excited 'cause she's just received her copy of my manuscript. Being very new to this entire process, I was a bit shocked and I have to admit, a little horrified.

It's one thing to have friends and family read your book, you know they're all going to love it...they have to, right? But never did I expect other authors to be reading my book that hasn't gone through editing yet! Well, honey...let me tell you, I'm not sure I'll be sleeping tonight! Praying a lot, but sleeping? Naaahhh, don't think so!

Okay...I've blown off enough steam now and I'm feeling considerably better. Still biting my nails and chewing my hair off, but feeling better, LOL! I'll let you know if I get any positive comments after they've all had time to read it...and I'm asking them to be honest, believe it or not! Pray for me! Scary stuff!

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