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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Personal Note

Just a quick personal note of catch up tonight, then we'll get back to more marriage & family issues in the next day or so.
Winter unofficially began here in the NW on Sunday morning, when we woke up to 3" of snow. It continued to come down off and on through the day, with another dusting on Monday, then it turned cold, with a high of only 24 today. Brrrrr~
I am NOT a cold weather lover! And what happened to fall?

Our building project has been slowed a bit and the siding will have to wait for better weather. But thankfully, the electrician and plumber were able to come this week and those two projects (the rough in part) will be complete tomorrow. Insulation starts next week, and sheetrock the following week. No heat in the house, so it's been a bit of a cold adventure for all who're working there, but that's part of the joy of being a contractor in the Pacific NW!

Our son made his first flight as a first officer with Horizon airlines just before Thanksgiving. God is so good! Steven has been working hard for years to get to this point in his career, and the Lord supplied him with a job with a wonderful airline. Not to mention the fact that his Mom & Dad will get to fly free! We're looking forward to taking a few trips once things settle down and finalize on our house project, and I'm thrilled that I'll have the ability to fly to writer's conferences that aren't in my immediate area.

I just finished revising the first 6 chapters of my book, yet again. Hopefully, this revision with the help of a professional editor will be my last. Then off to several publishing houses that are waiting for the finished manuscript. It will be submitted the middle of January, then comes the several week wait for responses. It will be in God's and the editors hands, from that point on, and I'll be working on the sequel, as I step out in faith that the initial book will be purchased.

That's all for tonight...Allen is working on the boat, getting it warm inside so pipes don't freeze, and he'll probably spend the night there tonight, just to make sure. So I'll pop on over to my manuscript and see what I can get done. Tomorrow night I'll tell you about Allen's invention. It's going to be spotlighted on Channel 6 & Channel 8 news sometime within the next week, so we're very excited about that!
Have a wonderful evening & please drop me a note when you're able. Miralee

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