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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hiccups Anyone?

I did my good deed for the day and cured a man's hiccups.


He called me and apologized ahead of time (before he told me why he called) because he'd had the hiccups for two days straight and knew it might be difficult to talk. Poor man was tired out and worried. His wife was threatening to take him to the doctor.

I told him I have a remedy if he was willing to try it. After two days non-stop he was willing to try just about anything, even if it was crazy.

This has never failed to cure my hiccups and it works for my kids and husband....and thankfully, it worked for my friend on the phone as well.

Curious yet? Try it the next time you're afflicted and you'll see that it works. Wish I could patent this!

Get a full glass of water. Take a deep breath and hold it. Immediately start drinking. FAST and steady. Small gulps/sips, and keep drinking until you absolutely MUST come up for a breath of air.

That's it. Simple and easy. He did it while I waited on the phone. Sixty seconds later he was dancing a jig. "Miralee cured my hiccups"....he shouted to his wife hovering in the background. "It's a miracle!".

I laughed, tickled it had worked for him....there's a man who knows how to take directions and follow them. A miracle? Not quite, but an awfully nice solution when you're in distress!

1 comment:

sandy said...

A beautiful story. I have heard of holding your breath, but never heard of the drinking water part. I will have to remember that one. The Lord directed him to the right person to talk to.

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