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Friday, July 18, 2008

Still Fighting the Battle!!

I was wrong and so was the pharmacist....the rash that has continued to crop up since my last post is not related to the x-rays that were taken at fact, that would be extremely rare and highly unlikely. The following Monday I went to the doctor and he felt fairly confident in his diagnosis, but sent me on to a dermatologist to be sure. Yep...Shingles, of all things!

In case you don't know, it looks similar to poison oak, but nastier. Thankfully it doesn't ooze...I'll try not to gross you out with any more description, LOL...and it doesn't itch. But it is accompanied by deep muscle ache from my neck to my wrist and periodic small shooting pains in my skin and under the surface in my muscles. Uncomfortable, but bearable.

However, the doctor informed me I need to slow down and quite frankly, I think the Lord is trying to tell me the same thing. WAY too much going on in my life...a fairly new business that my husband is getting off the ground, with ups and downs and stress....a book deadline looming, our house for sale with no showings or offers yet, moving back to the old house that didn't sell when we built the new one, (we've chosen to sell the new one) and trying to do the bulk of the move with my daughter and son in laws help while my hubby was gone on a business trip. I've taken on too much (along with a huge yard to keep up with and church volunteer work as well) in too short a time period, and my body is screaming that it's time to STOP.

So, I'm trying to listen, but it's SO hard! I want to unpack all the boxes sitting around, clean out the drawers so and put in new liners, go back up and finish packing and moving the piddly stuff still at the other house, then clean it so it can be ready for a potential showing. I want to transplant a bunch of roses that the deer will eat now that they're unattended, and move them to the old house, I want to finish writing my book and start my next one....but don't have the energy to do much of any of it right now. I'm tired. That will pass, but in the meantime, I'm going to rest. At least for a day or two!!!


Pamela J said...

It seems sort of ironic that the way to 'fight the battle' is to rest, or at least not go so hard. I can identify with that need to rest, my most angry reaction in my body was due to work stress, it actually put me in the emergency room in the middle of the night.

To be still and focus on the Lord is actually pretty good medicine. And HE will lift you up.

I am sorry about the shingles though, a tough one to endure. But thankful for you that you know what it is, that is part of the battle.

Pamela J said...

oops, I didn't sign my name..
Pam Williams

Kathy Collard Miller said...

Miralee, I'm new to your blog. I look forward to coming back to visit. I'm a nonfiction author. Glad to get to know you.

Just for your consideration. I also had shingles and you're right. It's horrible. Yet, my doctor and some other people I've talked to, don't believe it's related to stress. So, don't be too hard on yourself for causing it. It may not have been all your doing.

I'm praying for your healing.
Kathy Collard Miller

Holly said...

Hi, Miralee, I came across your blog as a link from Pensieve, and I'm sorry to hear about your shingles. Remember that verse in Zephaniah about God rejoicing over us with singing? Sometimes I think He just wants us to slow down enough so we can hear that! Grace and peace, Holly Schurter

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