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Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Been A Rough Two Weeks...

I have to admit, I've experienced better. I hope I don't have to go through another two weeks like the last two, for many years to come.

First, I woke with a slightly stiff neck. You know the feeling...can't rotate it quite all the way to either side, but not bad enough to go see a doctor or chiropractor? Two days later it hadn't changed much, but hadn't gotten worse. I took a long walk on a gravel road and started on a slight downhill grade. My feet decided they didn't want to stay on the ground and my bottom hit the dirt...hard. I didn't realize I'd injured my neck, as my rear end was protesting too loudly, LOL!

But the next day, I hurt. The next day, I hurt worse, and I didn't sleep. Finally my daughter convinced me to see her chiropractor. Six visits and a couple of hundred dollars later I was sleeping better (in bed, instead of my recliner) and back to being sore rather than in serious pain. Then pain started flaring up again, only this time in my shoulder and neck. Sigh. Time to see a doctor and get x-rays.

Nothing out of line, nothing damaged, but he confirmed what the Chiropractor told me. I'd given myself a good case of whiplash when I fell and it would take time to heal.
Now I have another problem. My arm, back of my neck and hand...all on my left side, have broken out in large, bumpy, with little water blisters. Looks exactly like poison oak, but it doesn't itch or hurt. Had a pharmacist look at it today (two of them in fact) and they concurred with what I'd guessed. Radiation burns. I didn't know for sure you could have that happen from having x-rays taken, but yes you can. I had six shots taken all in my next, shoulder and upper left arm...and I'm erupting in large rash/red spots from the base of my thumb to the back of my neck. Unsightly, but thankfully not overly painful.

I know God is working on my behalf. I had been asked to speak on Sunday morning at our church on the subject of prayer. I'd had a rough night and didn't sleep well, and woke with pain in my arm yet again.

I decided I'd taken enough from the enemy to last me a good long time, and it was time to say "NO more!". I prayed for a while, and told him to take his pain and get lost, in the mighty name of Jesus. The pain left, and I spoke at church. Several people told me they learned and were blessed, so Satan didn't win the victory he'd hoped to that day. Is the rash gone? No. Is the pain better? Much. I'm trusting that God is going to care for the rest and heal this quickly.
I'm ready to be well again!


Lena Jones said...

It seems sometimes when things get bad, they get worse before they get better. PTL you didn't give satan the satasfaction.
I just joined the KW yahoo group and found your name, your new book looks good can't wait to read it.

Lena Jones said...

It seems when things get bad, they get worse before they get better. PTL you didn't give satan the satisfaction.
I just joined the KW yahoo group and found your name. Your new book looks great, can't wait to read it.

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