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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Win A Book AGAIN!!!

This is not typical for me, but I'm doing yet another book give-away to celebrate The Other Daughter being picked as the June book of the month selection for the ACFW book club.

But this contest has a MUST read the rules below and follow them, or you won't be entered.

I'm giving away THREE books this time, not one, but three. What must you do to win one? Just leave a comment you ask? Nope, Nada...not this time. You must leave a very creative comment along this line---

I'm giving these books away to pick up influencers. In other words, I need you to 'shout it from the roof-tops' if you enjoy the book, after you've read it. Please tell me in the comment section:

Why you want a book

What creative ideas you can offer that will help promote the book, after you've read it? (see a few suggestions below) Give me at least three, and more if you can.

Your email address disguised so the spam bots can't grab in, miralee at gorge dot net

That's it....three simple rules....but all are critical and leaving out any of them will exclude you.

If I get only three comments, you'll all get a book. If I get multiple (as I hope and expect) then I'll pick the ones I feel will help influence the most. If there are a lot of you and I have a hard time deciding, it'll turn into a drawing. I'll keep this contest open for one week and post the winner a week from tomorrow, or May 12th. Thanks!

Now for the example I might offer to post a review on your blog or website, or drop glowing written reports off at your local bookstore and beg them to carry copies...Be creative, but don't get so crazy that it's not realistic. And above all, I'll be looking for follow through. I'll ask the winners to notify me after they've read the book and let me know what they DID do.


Mesu said...

Hi Miralee! I didn't know how to e-mail you, so I thought I'd go this way.... I've been corresponding with Melainie Dodson, and she's keeping me in the loop on the next meeting. I'd love to come! In fact, I'm planning on it as long as my health holds! Can't wait! Blessings!

Nora St. Laurent said...

Dear Miralee;
Congradulations on being the ACFW loop book choice. I'm definately going to be involved in that author chatt. It will help me plan our author chat in August. I'm thrilled about your book and we are still excited about you speaking to our group via the telephone if that is still possible at Life Way. God Bless you my friend.
Nora :)

Patty said...

I would love to be an influencer because I can read fast and spread the word about the book sooner. I love to help new authors get their name out there.

I could post a review on the Christian Fiction Review board for Shoutlife as the co-moderator. If you have some discussion questions I can start a book club and start with your book (have been contemplating this idea already and discussed it with a few friends who are already interested). I can take flyers or bookmarks to the library and the local bookstore. I can do a review after I read it for our church newsletter (another thing I have been contemplating and haven't done yet--might just give me the push).

pleblanc_1 at charter dot net

Ausjenny said...

Hi Miralee,
To influence people I would post a review on my Blog and Ask to do an interview to help promote the book.
2. I would post reviews at Amazon, Christianbook, 2 Aussie sites, Word and Koorong. If htey dont have the book i would suggest they get it.
3. I am editor of an online newsletter for a christian womens group Its a closed newsletter only for the members but I would also post the interview and review in our Featured book of the month.
I would also tell my friends about the book and one is now the buyer for her local bookstore, (shes ordering some of Molly Nobel bulls books this week after my interview with her).
I would love to read your book.
ausjenny (at) gmail (.) com
I also donate books to the library which puts Christian books into the local comunity.

bigguysmama said...

I'm just getting into the field of being an influencer. I enjoy the process of getting to know the author and vice versa. We create a bond that is fun generally speaking.

I could do as I've done with other books I've promoted: give up to a week on my blog for the book and possibly have a giveaway if I'm willing to part with it, put a note on my Shelfari, email my Facebook friends and put it on my What I'm Doing Line, post it on my Heavenly Daze yahoo group, post on our ACFW group, share it with our ladies book club at church (we're doing A Passion Most Pure in June), if it's appropriate for teens I'd let them read it and share it with their friends and share it with their friends, if you were to send bookmarks I'd leave them at my church and local library and I have a stack that I'm waiting to take to Barnes & Noble the next time I'm up there, and lastly I'd email my reading friends. I was going to suggesting your book at the Christian Review of Books, but it looks like Roseanna already did one! :o)

So, that's what I'd do. Thanks for this chance to win your book!

In Christ,

mnjesusfreak at gmail dot com

Sarah M said...

This looks like a great book. I recently read "Ocean's Apart" by Karen Kingsbury, which has a similar story line, and I really enjoyed it. I'd like to win this book so I could see how the story plays out (after reading about it on Amazon, you've already got me curious.)

1) If I won, I would read it then lend it to my sisters to read as well.

2) I also work at the library in my town, and would see about getting into our Christian Fiction section.

3) I would also spread the word around at my church and lend it to any and all who were interested about it.

Thanks for the chance to win.

luv2read said...

I can't wait to read your book I have already bought it. It looked to good to wait and read until June. The reason I would like to win some books is because I find them a great evangalism tool when sitting by the pool or any other public place. While sometimes I find it hard bringing up the Bible to a stranger a good christian fiction novel is easier to share, and the unsaved are sometimes more likely to read one and then discuss it with you. Some of the ways I could be an influencer for your book is do a review for Novel Reviews, and Amazon. Also, I am starting a Christian Book Club Bible Study at my church in Fall. I am looking for books that I can do a discussion on, as well as, use to teach on biblcal topics. I would also recommend your book to Moody Broadcast bookclub discussion that occurs on radio every three months. shelliepowell01(at)bellsouth(dot)net

windycindy said...

Happy Sunday! Congratulations on your book award. I believe in word of mouth promotions. After reading a book that I have enjoyed, I give it to the library. We have 3 big libraries in the towns around me. Then, other people will obtain the book from the library and spread the word! We also have a "Borders" bookstore and a wonderful self-run bookstore! A lot of authors have come here and had a good response to a book signing! Thanks,Cindi

Donna Moore said...

Congrats!! What can I do for you as an influencer. I can read this book and post a review on my blog along with amazon, I also lead the bookclub at our church and if we read your book it will be posted in every women's bathroom stall in the building(13)in all. Our Bookclub selections are also posted on the big screens before four church services and in the newsletters and bulletins. I would love to read this book and can't wait to talk about it on line.

Ausjenny said...

Ok call me curious but did we have a winner here?
I have been checking but wasn't sure.

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