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Friday, May 30, 2008

Someone Precious Is Gone Today

I lost my grandmother today, but I know she's in heaven with Jesus and with her husband who went ahead of her over 40 yrs ago. Grammie lived a full and very long life. She would have celebrated her 99th birthday in July.

She was so much more than my grandmother....she was a lover of children, a witty woman who didn't lose that sense of humor clear to the end. She was fiercely loyal to family and friends and known to everyone who loved her, as Grammie. She attended the small church in Lyle, Wa., for many years, where she and her husband moved (from Eastern Oregon) when just a few years before he passed away.

The picture at the top was taken just a few months ago with the kitty that resides at the home where she stayed. Her mind was sharp and she was still getting around in a wheelchair when a small stroke hit a couple of weeks ago. God was so merciful that He allowed her to slip into a gentle sleep in the small hours of this morning and she simply went on to be with Him.

I'm grateful for the many years I had with my many more than a lot of adults my age (I'm over 50 myself) ever get to experience. My grown kids knew her well, and she's seen great-grandchildren come into the world, as well. I'm celebrating her life today and cherishing the precious memories of a wonderful woman who loved me.


Patti Moore said...

I'm so sorry about your precious Grandmother, but praise the Lord that you know she's in Heaven. I've lost both of my sweet Parents in the past 3 years, and my heart is still heavy (we were super close). BUT my comfort is knowing that they are in Heaven and we'll all be together again one day.~ I'll keep you in my prayers.
Blessings, Patti Moore

Maggie said...

...the Lord turns his face toward you and gives you peace." Numbers 6:26. I wish you immeasurable peace during this year of transition.

I never knew either set of my grandparents, but I watch my siblings interact with their grandchildren and just the thought of seeing the sparkle in my grandnieces and/or grandnephews eyes dissipate as a result of losing their grandparents saddens me.

My 25 year old nephew died a couple of weeks ago of a heart attack. His mother today is still in a daze.

I thought for days what I could do to lighten her day. I was searching on the Internet when I discovered a website: Cake and A Prayer. It said it had a "delectable" lemon pound cake and an inspirational message the sender could select and have encased in a beautiful cherry-wood frame.

So I sent it to my sister-in-law.

She loved it. She raved on and on about the sweetness of the cake and the thoughtfulness of the scripture.

She said, "You lightened my day".

I don't know if anyone will be sending you a cake, but I pray all is well and that God keeps you and dispenses a special angel to keep you.

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