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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Reeling With Shock and Amazement!

Wow! I'm sitting here at my computer feeling completely stunned by a call I got last night from my agent. She and I both assumed most of our current business with one another was complete, after we signed with Kregel for my new book. But no...there's more.

Yesterday she received a very unexpected phone call from a representative from the family division of a major motion picture studio. They saw a brief summary of my book online, and think it would has the potential to make an excellent family movie. She requested the full manuscript to be sent to her ASAP for review.

Nothing is certain and no offers are being made, but I'm blown away that they even noticed it! They'll read the MS and decide if indeed it can be made into a successful movie. Last night I wrote a 900 word screen-play overview that presented the major scenes through-out the book, and the reasons why this would make an excellent family movie.

Please pray for the entire project. Never in a gazillion years did I think my book would have any interest to the movie industry! God knows what's best and if He wants this book made into a movie, it will be for His glory. I'm praying that lives will be touched...even if it's only the life of the one person who reads my book to review it. It's sitting on her desk right now, and she plans to start on it soon. I'm lifting her up in prayer, that her heart will be touched and the book will find favor in her eyes, God willing.


Sally Bradley said...

Congratulations, Miralee! I pray you'll have wisdom and fun throughout the process, wherever it takes you.

Katie said...

What a great day for you! Congrats again; I'll for sure mention you in my prayers.

Katie Johnson

LC said...

Just popped by because your link is on the InScribe blog, and am overjoyed for you! May the Lord use this in ways even more unexpected.

prayers, elsie

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