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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mothers VS Daughters--A Deep Hurt

Have you experienced pain in your relationship with your mother--or daughter? 

My upcoming novel, Blowing on Dandelions is a historical romance, but it's so much more. It's a deep look into the life of two women--a mother and her grown daughter--who love one another, but don't know how to show it, or how to relate to each other. There's a story behind why I wrote this book.

Blowing on Dandelions is a book driven by emotion, centering on the pain and joy of the characters. Their story consumed me and wouldn't let go until it was written—in fact, it still hasn't let go. 
It all started several years ago, when I spent some time with a friend, and she let slip little comments about her relationship with her mother. Let’s just say they were filled with pain and grief. Mama was alive, well, and still contributing to that pain and grief.
I could bear it no longer, and while giving her a hug, asked if I could pray with her that God would grant her peace and healing. Through barely contained tears she refused. Not that she wasn't grateful, but she couldn't tolerate the thought of attaining some kind of peace, only to return home to the same situation and have it shattered—or worse, new shards embedded into her healed heart. I went home heartsick and unable to shake the urgency to pray for my friend. I sensed her deep level of hopelessness that her life and relationship with her mother would never change. I prayed every time her name came to mind, which happened frequently. I couldn't forget the despair in her voice the last time we spoke.
As I asked the Lord what my next writing project should be, He gently directed me back to those memories. I knew He was showing me, over and over, that thousands of women ache with the same need—for approval, love, and acceptance, just as they are—from their mothers. He directed me to tell this story.
I wove a romance into the novel and set it in 1880 in the Old West, as so many of my readers enjoy a strong historical romance. But it's so much more than that....and I hope reading it will bless you as much as writing it has done for me. 
Releasing in four months, on June 1st via Amazon,, or coming to a store near you. Available now at a great pre-order price on Amazon


angie webb said...

Are you not writing anything in the series of The Other Daughter? I enjoyed that book but havent seen a new one in the series

Miralee Ferrell said...

Hi Angie, there was a follow up book to The Other Daughter, called Finding Jeena. It released in 2010, and it follows a secondary character, Jeena Gregory, who was Susanne's friend. It's on Amazon and, in paper and Kindle. There aren't any others beyond that, as Kregel decided to keep it at just the two. This new book that's releasing is a 3-book series, and I'm very happy about that.

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