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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Living in the Moment

A author friend of mine, Ethel Herr, said something a few days ago that was profound, and she agreed to let me share with you...

I've learned the importance of living in the moment. If we live in the past, which cannot be changed, we destroy the present and leave no possibilities for the future. Living in the future, where we have no control, only weird imaginations and wildness, also robs us of the present. God introduced Himself to Moses as the I AM. Not the I WAS, or the I WILL BE, but I AM. He did appeal to Moses to remember what He had done and promised that He would go with him in the future. But He is the great I AM. I amness builds a past for examples and assurance for the future. But we can never live any place but the present.

Isn't that awesome?

I don't know about you, but when she shared that I SO needed to hear it. My husband and I have been going through a lot of 'stuff' this past year--much of it financial stress that's worn us down. So many times I've been tempted to look back into 'better days' wishing we could go back, or find myself longing for the future when I hope life will be brighter. And in doing so, I've realized I'm robbing myself of where I am now.

God isn't caught by surprise by anything that happens to us--so I have to ask myself--if I'm in this situation that's hard right now, what does He want me to learn? What is He trying to say? Is there are a reason I'm here now, and if so, I need to discover what it is and be obedient, if He's asking something of me.

How about you? Are you living in today, yearning for the remembered tranquility of yesterday, or wishing away your life hoping for something better in tomorrow? Let's make a decision to live in the present, learn the lessons God wants us to learn NOW, and let yesterday and tomorrow take care of themselves. After all, we're only promised the time we have in this moment. I've decided I want to make it count!!

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From the Rim of the Box said...

Thanks for putting my thoughts in your blog, MIralee. Look what I just found in a neat almost new book by Walter Wangerin, LETTERS FROM THE LAND OF CANCER (p. 50): However short or long my personal journey hereafter (a year, years or half a year) time present remains for me what it always was before: an opportunity to pay attention." Isn't this a fantastic definition of present time? Lord, t each us to pay attention always.
Ethel Herr

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