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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Catching Up or Procrastinating-- How About You?

The summer is flying by and so much has happened that I've put several projects on hold. For weeks now a couple of obligations have stared me in the face, taunting me with their need to be finished. Each day I promise myself I'll work on them, and each evening near bedtime I realize I've once again put them off for another day.

I'm not sure why I torture myself this way. Why not just get it over with, even if it's something (paperwork) that I hate doing? Wouldn't it be easier not to face the same thing day after day, and keep dealing with the dread, stress and guilt that comes with not getting it done?

Yesterday I sat staring at the stack of paperwork and resolved that another day wouldn't go by with the pile on my desk. I'll bet you're thinking.....she put it off again and has to face it today. Nope. I actually got it done, faxed it off and am now facing a relatively clean desk. What a huge relief! And just think, I could have experienced this joy and satisfaction weeks ago had I followed through and not procrastinated. Sure, I had a book deadline also pressing me that I felt was more important. I had a garden needing tending, family to visit and a tailbone to nurse after my fall from an orchard ladder. All good excuses. But if I were totally honest I'd admit there was time for the project, I just didn't want to do it.

Anyone else have the same problem as me? Do you get projects that you dread done first, or drag your feet and put them off till the last possible minute? If so, why? I'd love your input!


bigguysmama said...

I'm a procrastinator. I get busy doing so many other things. Then the thing that needed to get done gets bigger and bigger. I haven't balanced my check book since June. I have ADD so that is a huge part of it too!


Miralee Ferrell said...

Mimi, I hate to admit it, but I RARELY balance my ck book anymore. Dangerous, I know, but can't be helped. With the usage of debit cards, balancing went out the window. I can't get my hubby to get receipts or write down what he spends, so I just try to keep track online or by calling the toll free # to check on balance and checks still outstanding. It's a sloppy way to do it, but it's actually worked for me for several years now.

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