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Thursday, October 22, 2009

When is Enough, Enough?

My back is aching, my bottom is sore, my brain feels useless and I've eaten too much sugar today. When does life start getting simpler?

Have you ever said....
Once Christmas is over, things will slow down. Or....
Once it freezes and I don't have to work in the yard and garden, I'll get more rest. Or...
Once spring comes, I'll get outside and exercise more....Or
When I'm finished with school, and start a REAL job, things will get easier. Or...
After I eat this big bowl of ice cream, I'll feel so much better....

You get the picture.

I think I've said all of those, and so many more. Always looking to tomorrow, and not focusing on what God's given us today.

I want to change that. How about you? Are you ready to embrace what God's given you TODAY?

After all, do we have any guarantee spring will come, or we'll see another Christmas?

No. We only know we have the NOW...Today. Let's start using it, embracing it, and finding what God's will and purpose is for us today.

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