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Friday, August 21, 2009

New Addition to the Family!

Nope, not a grandchild, as much as I wish that were true...although in a way, I guess I added a "grandchild" and a "daughter" all in the same day. Now hold may be rolling your eyes and shaking your head. No. I'm not one of those women who pack their poodles around in their purse, dress their little Maltese in clothing, and baby talk to their dogs. Nope. Not me. But daughter got a puppy on the same day I did, so that comes close to being a grandchild, since she and her husband (my daughter, not the puppy, LOL!) have no intention of ever supplying said grandchild.

Lacey is my pup and she's the one on the left with her ears up...her sister Bella is very possessive of the stick (on the right) and got it first, but Lacey wanted to hold it too.

All right, enough goofing off. I'm tired, it's time for bed, but I really want to brag on our two little girls. Sisters they are...and a breed I NEVER thought I'd ever own...same with my daughter and her husband. In fact, both our husbands have been just a bit, that's too strong...shocked. You see, we've always owned big dogs...German Shepherds, Labs, a big mutt, and the smallest we've ever owned is my current dog, a Border Collie (shown above checking out the competition). I've never considered a little dog, but we saw these puppies and couldn't resist. Actually, I was shopping for a small breed, as our old guy is getting up in age, and I decided it would be fun to have a dog I could cuddle, as I spend so much time at my computer. My daughter went along for the ride, and fell in love with one of the little girls I'd gone to see. We made the owner a 'two for one' offer, and she agreed.

Admit it, Chihuahua or not, they're darling!!! (and of course, all you Chihuahua lovers will be saying Of course they are!)

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