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Monday, December 15, 2008

What Do You Choose?

Every morning we face a choice. We can get out of bed and see life one of two ways....with the glass half full, or the glass half empty.

We're faced with choices every hour of every day. Choices to growl, complain and criticize, or CHOOSE to be thankful. We can speak words of peace, words that bring life and freedom, words of joy....or we can sow words of doubt, fear and negativity.

There isn't a person in this world, no matter how rich or seemingly blessed, that doesn't struggle with something in their life. It might be a physical problem, a marriage issue, a conflict with a child, sibling or parent. A job that's stressful, a bill they can't pay, or someone who's rejected their love. None of us are immune to stress or trouble.

But each of us faces the same thing when crisis comes. How will we choose to respond? The Bible is so very clear. The words that we speak can bring life, or they can bring death. God works through the words that we speak. He desires to bless us, to bring us the desires of our heart. But are you tying His hands by the words that constantly tumble from your lips? Do you speak doubt and fear? When you pray, do you pray the problem, or pray the answer? Do you use His Word in your prayers, or dig deep into the dung pile and pull out words that are a stench to His nostrils?

I urge you to listen carefully to the words that come out of your mouth. Make it a priority, this next week, to consider what you say when something goes wrong, or when you're troubled or stressed. Are you quick to complain, grouch, find fault, or do you give God the glory, speak positive words of faith in His ability to see you through?

If not, why not? Do you really believe God is able to conquer the giants in your life? If so, being to SPEAK like you believe it. You'll be amazed at the power your words will release....and the way God will move in your life!


Eddie said...

Awesome point, Sis. The words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts must be acceptable to Him, if we are to live blessed lives.

Have a blessed Christmas!

Eddie Smith

Amy Deardon said...

Wow, Miralee, very convicting article! Thank you.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas filled with family and friends and contemplation of our Lord.

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