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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Families in Crisis

Can Fiction Impact a Marriage or Family?

Why would anyone want to read Christian fiction? What purpose could it serve other than entertainment? Is it a waste of time for those of us who look for help and answers for our marriages, families and daily lives?

I've heard those questions asked by people who typically only read self help books, or Christian living. Here are just a few comments from reader's that have contacted me after reading my first book, The Other Daughter. I'm keeping their identities private, but their comments speak to a deep need in their lives and the impact fiction had on that need.

"The message of turning your life over to God and trusting Him has always been difficult for me and it was nice to hear that Susanne had the same problem. I often turn problems over and then take them back with fear and worry. Thanks for reinforcing the message of what God can do when you turn everything over to Him."

Thanks for this book. There are references in it that have helped me get through something difficilt in my life. The pastors reference to letting go and moving on was just what I needed.....It's funny to think the God made me pick up this book to read at just the right time.

I can relate to the theme of this book about turning your life over to something or someone higher than you! The characters and storyline seemed very realistic to me and I wondered if you based this book on a personal experience. Either way it was very real and touched my heart.

I loved it! It is a wonderful story of David and Susanne's struggle along the way..... I know how hard it is when the other spouse is not a Christian, nor has any desire for God. But when God closes a door, He opens another, it may not be what we want, but is what He wants for us.

ALL the books I write, whether women's fiction, historical romance, or contemporary romance, are designed with the needs of the reader in mind. Yes, they are partially written to entertain, but lifting up the name of Jesus is my primary goal. A strong spiritual thread is always present and hopefully the message contained within will touch hearts and impact lives. Christian fiction CAN make a difference, and I hope you'll be willing to try one of mine in the future.

The Other Daughter released last winter and is available in bookstores or on Amazon, CBD, or Barnes and Noble...all online.

My second book, Love Finds You In Last Chance, California, releases in February of 2009. It's available for pre-order on Amazon now, and your credit card won't be charged until it ships.

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