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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Book Update And Help Needed

Thank you to all who've recently signed my guest book on my web site as well as left comments here on my blog...your names are in the hat for the drawing of my sure to check back next week for the announcement.

Yes, it's official! I've mailed the contract back in to Kregel, and the marketing team is looking over the marketing proposal I put together a few months ago.

I'd like to take a minute to explain a few things about the marketing of a new book, especially when it's written by a brand new, unknown author, like me. I don't know the percentages, but I'm guessing the author is probably responsible for about 75% of the marketing. Yes, the publishing house makes the book available to many book stores & online book sites, but they don't do a massive advertising campaign to familiarize those place with me, or my book, as that's terribly expensive.
They'll promote it at the upcoming booksellers convention in July, which will be attended by a large number of retail bookstore owners from across the country. If they don't notice it there, the only way for them to really notice it, will be through YOU!

Yes, that's right...I'm heavily dependant on my friends & family to get the word out. It's critical that I build a web presence over the next 8 months, to make people aware that the book is coming, what it's about, and a little bit about me. Right now about 200 people or so are familiar with it, or commited to helping, but that's not near enough. Think about it....the book needs to sell at least 4,000 copies for me to get an offer on my second book. Unfortunately, I'm not able to drop in to every book store in the nation and personally ask them to carry my book.

That's where you come in. I'm hoping you'll pass the word to all the people in your email address book, post my web site & blog links on yours, and when the book comes out, trek down to your local store, look on the shelves, and if it's not there....walk up to the owner & ask them why they aren't carrying it. If I had 500 people scattered across the nation, all willing to ask their librarian, local book store, and church book store to carry the book, plus told at least 5 friends about it and urged each one to buy a copy, it would be a success.

Again, I can't do this alone. I hope you'll get on board with me & help me make my first book a ripping that it won't be my last! LOL! Seriously, I have two more books in the works right now, and I'd love to see them published too! Thanks to all of you & keep watching this blog for the announcement of the name of the winner of the book.

PLUS----and if you've read clear to the bottom of this post, you'll know something others won't know, if they gave up-----I'm going to do this drawing again, in a month or so. I'm not telling when, so you'll have to keep checking back so you won't miss it! Hugs to you all & thank you for your continued support!


Lynetta said...

Wow, Congrats, Miralee! That is wonderful news. I should keep updated better, as I didn't even know a contract was in the works. I've heard that Kregel is a wonderful house to work with. Blessings on your new year!

Anonymous said...


I'm so happy to hear about your contract. Congratulations!

Come on, everyone, let's tell everyone we know about Yesterday's Child.

Susan Lohrer
The Write Words Editing

Dani aka SilentChorus said...

Come to think about it... have you actually HAD swimmiing lessons???

It's a VERY long way from there to Aus...

But, hey, it's worth it to get one of your books!

My newly found friend could end up a scrumptious seafood cocktail =)

Much Love, In Jesus.

~Dani aka SilentChorus~

¯`°²¤ Child In Silence... I'll be there to hold you... ¤²°`¯

Miralee said...

Lynetta---Thank you!! Yes, I've heard wonderful things about Kregel too & am very excited about the opportunity!

Miralee said...

Susan, great to hear from you, thanks!! Yipee!!! Thanks for the offer of help, that's what I'm needing, you're a sweetie!

Miralee said...

LOL!!! Dani, you are too funny!! Anyone reading this won't know what we're talking about, unless they find your comment on the other post...but win the book & maybe we'll rent a boat or something, and forget the idea of a swim across the big water. Either way, It's wonderful to meet you & I'd be proud to be called your new friend!

None said...

Congratulation Miralee for your outstanding achievement! You must feel such a great sense of pride and joy!

Looking forward to reading your book!

Best wishes now and always!


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