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Friday, April 26, 2013

13 Ideas For Favorite Author Book Promotion--And Giveaway!

3 Free Books this week! 

This is a guest post today, but these suggestions are applicable for any reader wanting to help a favorite author's book become a success. Is there anything here you can do to help someone you enjoy reading? If books don't sell well, publishers stop offering contracts, and the difference often depends on word of mouth and excitement created by readers. Contest rules at the bottom--3 FREE Books! Blowing on Dandelions by Miralee Ferrell, releasing June 1. Copies given will be ARC (advanced reader copies)

Book promotion: bumper sticker
Bly Books bumper sticker

Janet Chester Bly

Want suggestions for how to do book promotions for your favorite authors?

You can make a difference! Here’s 13 things you can do for your own personal favorite author book promotion campaign … pick one or more:
1) Tell a friend what you liked about his or her work. Word-of-mouth book promotion is the best!
2) Recommend the book to your local bookseller(s) or librarian.
3) Give a copy of the book to a public, church, or prison library.
4) Pass the word about their website or blog. Here’s ours – or “On A Western Trail” blog at  (and here's Miralee's....
5) For your friends who do social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., tell them they can become friends and followers of their favorite authors – share  the links.
6) Give a book by this author as a gift to a family member, friend, or co-worker. Include a rave review of your own.
7) Do a video review and post it on YouTube or other video sharing website. 
8) Tell some book club members about the book(s) or organize a group of friends to read and discuss the book(s) together.
9) If you’re a speaker or do seminars, offer the books for sale on your display table or include flyers about the books. (From Miralee: If your fav author is a speaker, invite him or her to speak at an upcoming function)
10) If you have a website or blog of your own, set up links from your site to your favorite author’s site.
11) Include a feature or interview on your blog about the book(s) or about the author.
12) Write a review for or other online bookstore. (From Miralee: Post reviews everywhere you can. Amazon, B&,, Goodreads, Facebook, they're all a huge help)
13) Email a photo of yourself with the book(s) to your favorite author. If you send one to Bly Books, we’ll feature it at “On A Western Trail” blog … attach it to email and send to janet(at)blybooks(dot)com.  The same for Miralee's books. Send a pic of yourself with one of your favorite books of mine to miraleef at gmail dot com. 
So...what can you do this week to help Janet, myself, or another author you love? We appreciate your help more than you can possibly imagine!
Leave a comment about what you will do for one of us, and be entered into a drawing for an ARC (advanced reader copy) of my brand new book releasing June 1st. And if you actually do one of the things listed above and come back and let me know, you'll get three more entries. If you follow my blog or Janet's, let me know, and you'll get another, so five total possible. 

The point of this give away is to find influencers who are willing to help promote my new release. I'd love to have you help Janet, as well, with the book she helped finish writing for her husband, Steven Bly. The ARC copies I'll give away are unproofed book, fully bound, with all the content intact, but not the final copy. They may not be given away, sold, or donated. You are not obligated to buy anything, nor do you have to promise a 5 star review, and it is open only to residents of the U.S.


Flghtlss said...

After I read a book, I ALWAYS post a review on Amazon, GoodReads, Novel Crossings and/or It's the little way I give back to the authors I love! :)

Miralee Ferrell said...

Thanks so much, Flghtlss! You sound like you'd be an excellent influencer!

b12e42fe-ab86-11e2-91a3-000bcdca4d7a said...

I read book reviews all the time. Duh! Someone suggested I do a review for Steven Hunt's book, Chasing Christmas. Not sure why I didn't think of writing reviews sooner but that's what I do now. I also have been telling my friends at work about the yahoogroups acfw which has led me to these blog sites and also about the books I read. I follow this blog as well as others. When I tell my friends about books I offer to let them read them if they would like. It might spark their interest in the author and the posibility of their purchasing books from that author. I know I have bought a LOT of books based on friends who have told me about them!


joye said...

I will let my book club members know about these authors and their books. I will tell them about your website. I usually share my books after I have read them with a library or neighbors.

JackieW said...

I will tell members of the 2 book clubs to which I belong about your book.
I will tell my friends about your book and your website.

Martha A. said...

When I promote a book, I post about it on FB, post a review on my blog, on Amazon, CBD and other places....I also tell my friends about it, then afterwards will share with friends, which often has them buying their own copies!

I also consider ordering copies for my small bookstore as well if I enjoy it and when I am selling books, will recommend my favorites!

My review from my blog also gets posted on FB usually...

Miralee Ferrell said...

The five comments that were posted on how you'd help influence for my new book were all great! I'm sending each of you an Advanced Reader Copy of Blowing on Dandelions. I need your first and last name, and your mailing address. Send that info to me at: miraleef at gmail dot com.

I'll respond and let you know more details when I hear from you. Thanks!!

Melissa Bo said...

After I read a book, I post a review to one of my blogs, post a link
( from my review link.. ) Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

And I also share my review on Goodreads, and also try to post my review on Novel Crossing and Amazon as well.

Im new to your books and really enjoying them! =)

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