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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book Give Away by Darlene Franklin

Darlene Franklin is visiting with us today and she's giving away a copy of her new book, a compilation of three stories, Maple Notch Brides.  Here are the rules. You must ASK Darlene a question. I can be based on something she shared below, or something you'd like to know. If you only leave a comment saying you want to be entered in the contest, it won't count.

For a second entry and third "extra" entries in the contest, subscribe to my blog (be sure to let me know you have) or let me know if you already do. (Scroll down on the right hand column...right under the pretty blue picture of the otter it says "Subscribe to blog"). Same with Darlene's blog....go to it and follow, but you MUST tell me you did. (We get notices that you have, but it's easier to verify if you've put it in the comments as well).

I'm sorry, I wish I could include international entries, but this is limited to the U.S., although all comments are welcome.

Miralee wants “interesting” facts about me. The problem is, I think I’m fairly boring! Standard information: I was born in New Hampshire, grew up in Maine, spent twenty years in Denver before moving (back) to Oklahoma. (However, Utah is the farthest west I have ever traveled.) In spite of my New England upbringing, I love the west! I am divorced, have one daughter who is at home with the Lord and a son who lives close by with four precious grandchildren. I’m a Bible college and seminary graduate, and now get to “live the dream” of writing full time. My outside interests have shrunk as writing takes more of my time and crippling arthritis takes more of my health! I still play piano for our church choir. You can find me online on Facebook (of course!) and at
          To encourage any hopeful writers out there: Since I began writing full time 2½ years ago, the number of books under contract doubled in the first year and now I have about twenty books either in print or under contract! I didn’t have a single contract when I decided to try it full-time. And since I’m divorced, I am my sole support. So it can happen!

Darlene can be found (and followed) here: 

Some of her other books are: 
Most recent releases: Lone Star Trail (Rivernorth Fiction, 2011) and Christmas at Barncastle Inn (Barbour, 2011)

Maple Notch Brides:
Climb into adventure in the Green Mountain State where party politics, parental pressure, and personal misperceptions challenge three couples. 

Sally Reid and her family of Patriots are in hiding. Can she trust Josiah Tuttle, a man whose father is loyal to King George? 

Beatrice Bailey’s wealthy father wants his daughter to marry up—not down. Does farmer Calvin Tuttle have any chance of winning Beatrice’s heart and her father’s blessing? 

Clara Farley has accepted the role of spinster. Can Daniel Tuttle get her to change her mind? Will God show these couples a way above the fray?

About Prodigal Patriot from Kathleen Maher:
I just finished this book in one sitting. . . The characters invited me into their world of Revolutionary War Vermont, and drew me with their hardships, ingenuity, and pluck. The writing disappeared and allowed a vivid story world to emerge. I was invested.

Commenting on Love’s Raid from Regina Jennings:
Darlene has done her research and highlights this little known event . . . Clara is conscientious and faces an unspeakable dilemma with courage and conviction. It's no wonder Darlene remains a reader's favorite year after year.

The blog owner did not get paid in any way for posting this give away.
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