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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

X Factor -- Attitude ISN'T Everything

Obviously. Not after last week's judges decision to put a pouting, fit-throwing Astro through ahead of Stacy. Sure, Astro is super talented, (although he never SINGS anything, LOL!), but to say he didn't want to sing again because America didn't think enough of him to keep him out of the bottom two? Good grief, that's ridiculous. EVERYONE will end up getting the kicked off at some point other than the winner. So apparently he expected to win and can't take anything less?

Yes, I'm willing to cut him a little slack because, after all, he's only 14. I remember our kids at that age, when they didn't excel at something, or thought they were getting slighted--pouting happens. But not on national TV, when you're very existence is riding on your attitude as well as your talent. I'm guessing the only thing that saved him was the host whispering in his ear--no doubt telling him to get a grip fast if he didn't want Simon to give him the boot.

It's kind of sad, since so many kids look up to artists who sing this type of music. I was hoping "Astro" would be a good role model, but it's not looking real hopeful.

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