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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Exciting News!!

I'm blessed beyond measure!! Last month I signed a three-book contract for a new historical romance series, with the David C. Cook Co. I'm extremely excited to be working with such a solid publishing house, and can't wait to get started. My first book currently titled Katherine's Hope is due to my editor on June 1st, and releases exactly a year later, in 2013. It's a long ways to wait for the first book, but after that, the next two release just 6 months apart. 

Katherine's Hope is set in the late 1870's in Baker City, Oregon, and is part womens' fiction, part romance. Here's the opening scene (as it stands now) to give you a tiny taste of what's coming. 

Baker City, Oregon
Late June, 1879

Katherine Galloway’s soft breath sent the dandelion fluff dancing on the warm current of air, but it didn’t bring the anticipated relief. Gripping the stem, she sat in the grassy field with her eyes closed and waited. Why didn’t it come? It had always appeared when she needed it before. How many years had it been? Ten? Fifteen?
She shook her head and a loosened curl scraped her cheek. More. Many more years. But always her mind returned to those times when the dandelion fluff had carried her away to a place where mothers were loving and kind, and little girls didn’t need to be afraid of cutting words.
            Had she ever known a time like that, other than in her dreams? She’d thought she had, but now she knew. It was all an illusion, just like the sunbeams glinting off the tiny bits of white settling to the ground. Seeds, that’s all they were. Seeds that brought unwanted weeds when they matured. Just like her life.
Unwanted. Unwelcome. Unsung.
At least by the one person who mattered the most while growing up. Her mother.
She pushed to her feet, letting the dandelion stem dangle from her fingers. There was no fantasy world where thirty-two-year-old women, or little girls for that matter, could ride the dandelion fluff and become someone they weren’t. No. It was time to put the past behind her. Mama was coming to stay at her house, and somehow Katherine had to survive.


Carole said...

Congratulations on your contract, Miralee! You write with emotion and sensitivity, and I've always enjoyed your books. I look forward to your new series and wish you the best.

Pamela J said...

I'm EXCITED for you, for your contract!!
I even know where Baker City, Oregon is though it wasn't in that year we have been through there. Hmm... wondering if some of the dandelions growing there are descendants of the seeds scattered in that first chapter.
I also can feel, along with Katherine, time for someone coming to stay that is going to be hard to deal with.
Looking forward to it!

Miralee Ferrell said...

Carole, thank you so much! I always love hearing from people who've enjoyed my books, and to hear that I write with sensitivity and emotion is a huge compliment.

Pamela, Bless your heart, thank you. What a cool idea that Katherine could have helped scatter those dandelions! We went to Baker City two wks ago to do some research. It's a beautiful area.

Yes, she's going to have a struggle with her mother coming to stay. This is a romance, but also has a strong thread of women's fiction, and it's something I've wanted to write for over two years now. I'm indeed blessed that Cook loved it, and believes in it, too!

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