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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Extra, Extra! Win a Gift Card!

Did you mark your calendar yet to purchase my book on August 1st from Amazon to get the four free items and be entered in a drawing for a free gift card?

Before we move on to that....there's one more COOL prize I want to mention.
Upload a video on You Tube of you reading a section of dialogue from my new choose the character, and give me your BEST character impersonation. The person with the most votes on You Tube gets one of my other books free!!! (this contest will go on until the end of August to give readers time to get their books and will be mentioned again in the future).

I promised you more information on winning the gift cards. Who doesn't like to spend money on Amazon or get a treat at Starbucks?

If you purchase Love Finds You in Sundance, WY on August 1st, not only will you automatically get four free gifts from me, you'll be entered to win a $5 gift card from Starbucks AND a $10 gift card from Amazon. That's more than the book cost you, and there are ways to get multiple entries.

The first person who sends me a picture of you holding a copy of my book at a book store gets 5 entries.

If you follow/subscribe to my blog and let me know, you'll get another entry in the drawing.

If you leave a comment on this post telling me you follow my blog AND plan to buy the book on August 1st, you'll get a third entry in the drawing (besides the one for buying the book)!

If you Tweet this blog post or mention it with the link on Facebook, Or ANY Just just tell me in the comment section where you posted it, and if it's a blog, give me your blog addy.

If you link to my blog, you get another entry. (again, you must tell me you did this and give me your blog address)

If you join my Reader's Group on Facebook or are already a member there, you get another entry. Just let me know in the comment section. Here's the address for my Reader's Group:


Lucie said...

Hi Miralee! What a great giveaway! I have done the following: I am a new follower of your blog, I Twittered about your new book, I am a member of your reader's group on Facebook, and I am going to purchase your book from Amazon on August 1st! Whew! This is fun :-)
Thank you!
Blessings on your new book,

WYO Gramma said...

Would you allow me to post the announcement of the publication on the Sundance, WY page? IT is a community page with 600+ followers.

Miralee Ferrell said...

Lucie, thanks for following all the directions and actually reading them, a rare thing on blogs! I'm hoping you win one of the gifts.

WYO Gramma...of course you can post it anywhere you'd like, I'd LOVE the help. Thank you!!

Eve Gould said...

Hi Miralee! It's your BLOG challenged half sister-in-law, Eve. Here goes. Of course I will be joining the big August the first celebration by buying your new book on Amazon. Can't wait to read the book. I'm using your phenomenal success as a claim to fame. Thinking about buying a second book for granddaughter Angela. Congrats! Eve

Jenny Mertes said...

Pre-ordered your book today, excited to read it!

Allison said...

Is this a separate contest from the post after this one?? Well here is my info again..just in case..for the gift card contest!! :-)
Bought the Aug 1
Follower now of your blog
Posted on FB about the book on Amazon
and posted a link to your blog about the conest!!
here is blog:
allisonsattic at gmail dot com

Allison King

Charla said...

Hello, Miralee! I bought your book today on August 1st and I will e-mail you soon.

Here's what I've done: :-)

*Started following your blog!
*I'm commenting on this post to let you know about me following you & buying your book :-)
*I tweeted about this blog post on twitter! My twitter is!/Empress_Charla I don't know how to put a link that goes straight to that exact tweet that I posted :-/

God bless you & your writing career! :-)

Charla said...

Once again I forgot to leave my e-mail address. -_- it's hcgalley(at)msn(dot)com

Christian Family Supply said...

I just ordered it, I'm stoked for it to come in the mail tomorrow! Christian Books

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