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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Publicity Offer--I Use This & it's Great!

When I see something truly remarkable, I just can’t wait to share it with you. I'm a member of the Diva Toolbox and I had an article I wrote picked up by MORE Magazine online. Along with the reduced price you also get a free copy of any of my titles (I have four listed as bonus gifts, but I'll do my brand new Sundance one if you want to wait 5 wks till it comes out for me to ship it).

Imagine having someone introduce you to top-tier media such as MORE Magazine online, AOL, Dr. Phil and others. Sounds great, but very expensive, right? I mean, if you’ve ever looked into hiring a PR agency, you know it costs thousands just to get started.

Now imagine being introduced to top tier media for only $47 and get MY book (The Other Daughter, Love Finds You in Tombstone, AZ, Love Finds You in Bridal Veil, Oregon, or Love Finds You in Last Chance, CA) FREE as a bonus gift for joining. I'd really appreciate if you choose one of my books when you join (there are others) so I get the referral...thank you!

Here is where to go to find out more about the Diva Toolbox Membership and all the benefits of this amazing site for women in business:

The growth of the Diva Toolbox has been beyond amazing in less than 3 years since its original launch in July, 2008. As of May, 2011, the Diva Toolbox is ranked as one of the top 20k websites in the United States and visitors to the site spend more time on the site than on other major sites for women including!

You'll also be able to put YOUR products (your own book, jewelry, music CD, name it!) on her site FREE of charge to sell to anyone visiting the site. Great deal, and no commission charged!!!

As a member of the Diva Toolbox, you will receive monthly e-books from Janet -- She is sharing her success strategies so you can succeed too!

Here is a partial list of the e-books you will receive from Janet:

Radio Show Host Success Kit

Media Diva Success Kit

Radio Show Guest Success Kit

Stress Free Email Success Kit

Social Media Stress Free Success Kit

Press Release Success Kit

Write So They Read Success Kit

The heck with goals, what are you going to achieve in 2012 Success Kit

And for a limited time, Janet is adding something very special to your Diva Toolbox membership!

When you sign up for a Diva Toolbox membership, you will receive one of my books, (click here to see one book) – just use my special code of TOMBSTONE, or Bridal, Daughter, or LastChance when you fill out the membership form

There are only a limited number of copies of my book available for this special offer from Janet, so I encourage you to sign up right away. At the crazy low price of $47 for more than $1,000 of benefits, it is a no brainer decision. DO IT TODAY!

Here is where to go to find out more:

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