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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Melanie Dobson Novel Giveaway!!

Melanie is giving away a copy of her new historical novel, The Silent Order. To win, you must do the following:

Post a question for Melanie about her life, her writing, her books, or something you've always wanted to know. If you follow my blog and sign up to follow Melanie's at you'll get second entry, so sign up or let me know if you already are. Melanie will check back a couple of times a day for the next four days until the contest closes, when I'll be drawing a name as the winner.

About the book:

Cleveland, Ohio, 1929. Dark secrets bind the notorious Cardano family together, but Detective Rollin Wells is close to exposing them. The Cardanos are working in the hills south of Cleveland, and when Rollin travels to Sugarcreek to investigate, he discovers that the Cardanos want him dead. Rollin hides out in an Amish home, trying to uncover why the Cardanos are in Amish country and who is collaborating with them. As he gets closer to the truth, he also attempts to find out what a beautiful Amish woman named Katie Lehman—a woman who reminds him of the girl he once loved—is hiding. Will Katie trust him with her secret...and her heart? Or will the Cardano code of honor silence them both?

About Melanie.....

Melanie Dobson loves reading and researching historical fiction as much as she enjoys writing it. The award-winning author of seven historical and contemporary novels, her historical novel Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana was chosen as the Best Book of Indiana (fiction) for 2010, and her suspense novel The Black Cloister received the Foreword Book of the Year award in 2009 for religious fiction and was nominated for the ACFW Carol Award (suspense category.).

Melanie is the former corporate publicity manager at Focus on the Family, and she worked in public relations for fifteen years before she began writing fiction fulltime. She grew up in Ohio, but has lived in Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, California, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Berlin, Germany. She and her family now reside near Portland, Oregon, and while her family still loves to travel, they are hoping not to move again for a very long time.

More information about Melanie and her books is available at


Romantic Times, 4 ½ stars

What a wonderful book by an amazing author! In Dobson’s latest offering, readers will find mystery, love and values that have withstood the test of time. The characters are a delight and readers get a fascinating glimpse into the underworld of gangsters during the era of Prohibition and the dangers police faced in keeping law and order.

Janna Ryan (reader)

Melanie Dobson has taken something that I'm not overly fond of right now (Amish themed books) and given it such a fascinating twist that I couldn't help but love this book. When you mix the Amish with mystery, mayhem and the Mafia, how could it not be great. There are many twists and turns in this book that really kept me guessing. Melanie has a way of presenting all kinds of questions and then slowly but surely pulling the threads together one at a time. Giving just enough info to help you figure things out but not enough info to spoon feed it to you - I love that! I'm an intelligent reader, don't patronize me... and Melanie doesn't. She continues to write books that are making me a life long fan of her books!

Book Reviews by Molly

I really enjoyed reading this book. The instant pull into the story is absolutely amazing. The plot line is different, though. Very different. Melanie Dobson is a seasonally talented author who truly knows what her fans will love. She took two extremely different worlds and blended them in a way that would seem unthinkably impossible. But, she did it and it was WONDERFUL!

Kim Vogel Sawyer, bestselling author of My Heart Remembers

Melanie Dobson weaves a tale of intrigue cloaked with secrets yet threaded with elements of grace. Put The Silent Order on your must-have list.

Melanie and Miralee at a book signing in Portland, Oregon

The fine print: No one has paid me to post this contest or for my comments.


Melanie Dobson said...

Thanks, Miralee! I thoroughly enjoyed writing this novel, and I look forward to answering any questions about the story or my writing or anything else... :)

Ausjenny said...

Dont enter me as I have read and loved this book. I want to ask Melanie how she came up with the concept for this novel. and what are your upcoming projects?

Cleda said...

Melanie, I have been a Coming Home follower for a while, and have bookmarked both your web site and Dobson 411, but found no way to become a follower, except through the bookmark... Miralee, I enjoyed to blog and appreciate the opportunity to be in the give away.. love and hugs...


Grace said...

I would love to enter this giveaway! I am already a follower of your blog, but I couldn't find anywhere to follow Melanie's blog at.

Melanie, what is your favorite Bible verse?

Thanks so much! Have a Merry Christmas =)

gracethorson at gmail dot com

Martha A. said...

I have loved your books that I have read, and especially the ones with the Underground Railroad history in them, a long time interest of mine. I was wondering, was that a long time interest of yours or a family history there, that made you pursue that subject? I even got my aunt to read Refuge on Crescent Hill and she does not read Contemporary Fiction, at all!

Ann Lee Miller said...

Melanie's book sounds very intriguing!

Linda said...

You, Melanie Dobson, worked under Dr. James Dobson. Are you related in any way? What were your most exciting times at Focus on the Family. Love Dr. Dobson, hate to see him step down, but he always did say it wasn't about him.

Please enter me for your novel. Sounds terrific, and I haven't read a book by you yet.

desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Melanie Dobson said...

Hi Jenny~

This idea was originally inspired by the movie Witness, but we wanted to do a fresh take on the story and set it in the 1920s. I just finished writing Love Finds You in Amana, Iowa, and then last week I went to Nazareth, PA for several days to research for a Christmas novel about the Moravians coming out next year.

Melanie Dobson said...

The verse our family often clings to is 2 Tim. 1:7, "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." I love hearing my six-year-old quoting that over and over in bed!!

Melanie Dobson said...

Thanks for all these great questions! I have been intrigued by the Underground Railroad since I was a little girl, playing in the hiding places of my aunt's old house that was rumored to be a stop on the Underground Railroad. I started writing fiction as a child because I loved to create mysteries and stories when I couldn't find out the history/truth about a place or person.

There are some pics on my blog of some secret rooms I crawled around in Liberty when I researched this novel:

Melanie Dobson said...

I did marry Jon Dobson while I worked at Focus on the Family (my maiden name is Beroth), but he is not related to the founder of FOTF. Oddly enough, my father-in-law is actually named James Dobson. :) I loved my years at Focus. Even though I haven't worked there in more than a decade, I still have friendships from those days that I pray will last a lifetime.

Diana said...

What an intriguing idea for a book.
Melanie, how do you organize your research? I'm in the process of writing an historical and my collection of bookmarks is starting to overwhelm me. Any quick tips?

Diana said...

Just became a follower of your blog as well, Miralee. I thought I was already, now I am.

Miralee Ferrell said...

We've had some excellent questions so far. I want to thank you all for stopping by. I'll be drawing the names Sunday evening or Monday morning. We're doing our family Christmas celebration on Sunday, as our son has to work on Christmas eve and day, and this was the only day he and his wife could join us.

I hope all of you have an awesome Christmas and remembers to give the glory to God who redeemed us and loves us!

CarolNWong said...

I am a brand new follower of your blog. I saw that this book is about the Amish and also about Probition. I love books about Amish and also of different time periods.

I read the comments and I too love to read about the Underground Railroom. Some of my mother's family were involved in it in Indiana.

Glad to have found this blog.


Miralee Ferrell said...

Hi Carol, and welcome!! Thanks for following my blog. Did you have a question for Melanie?


Melanie Dobson said...

Hi Diana! I have a wonderful writing software on my Mac called Scrivener. It helps me keep all my research organized including all the Internet links. I write my historical novels in about 3 - 4 months, but really don't think I could do it that fast without Scrivener!

Carol and Dan said...

Hi Miralee! This is Carol, we bought the house from you a couple years ago!
We got a package delivered to the house for you. I didn't know how to get a hold of you, so I googled you! Who knew you had a blog! :) Anyway, stop by any time to pick it up. We should be around! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!

Miralee Ferrell said...

Congratulations to Grace for winning the copy of Melanie's book!! I'll be doing another give away in a few days, so be sure to check back.


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