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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Refining Fires by Erin Rainwater

Today I'm spotlighting Erin Rainwater's new release, Refining Fires.

JoAnn Durgin, Amazon reviewer, has this to say:

In “Refining Fires,” author Erin Rainwater breathes new life into Christian fiction with her wit, humor and charming expositional style. This book departs from traditional romance storytelling in a unique way. It’s well worth your time, and is money well spent. So many Christian books these days focus on the angst and drama in life. “Refining Fires” offers the perfect balance of elements for anyone seeking a great read. Erin Rainwater doesn’t shy away from the message of God’s love and the hope He offers. This book will resonate in your heart long after you finish the last page…and leaving you wanting more.


A disfigured veteran. A ruined nurse. A tormented child. A kept woman. Strangers whose paths cross, bringing redemption into each other’s lives in ways none of them could have predicted.

This story told in three parts first introduces a nurse with a disreputable professional past seeking work in the home of a bitter, disfigured Korean War veteran. Peter Cochran’s anger is no match for Clare Canterbury’s pluck, and before long not only is his body being renewed but his soul is yearning for a life he can’t dream of. Theirs is quite a romance, but this story, “Refining Fire,” is only the beginning of their love story. You’ll then be swept to a remote mountain cabin and introduced to Susannah, the bravest nine-year-old girl you’ll ever meet. She must trek down a mountainside alone to save her mother’s life, and faces harder times yet to come. The love that Peter and Clare share has an immense impact on this extraordinary child who is filled with “Blind Courage.” Lastly, you’ll meet a “Kept Woman” bent on self-destruction until a child and an unlikely couple teach her about Who has been keeping her all along. Refining Fires goes beyond simple romance, showing how God’s refining hand weaves lives together to bring about their redemption.


Print versions of Refining Fires can be found at Amazon (in Kindle form as well), Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers. Click HERE to purchase on Amazon

The eBook version is available on Smashwords and Fictionwise. Click HERE


Kameko said...

"Refining Fires" sounds like a very remarkable book. I have just added it to my to be read list. Each story by itself could be a very moving story, but coupled together, wow - what an impact! I can't wait to read it.

Thanks for bringing this book to my attention!



Miralee Ferrell said...

Thanks so much for visiting, Beverly. I think you'll enjoy this book if you decide to purchase it!

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