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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Book Giveaway....Linore Rose Burkard

The Country House Courtship

England, 1818: It has been five years since Ariana Forsythe married The Paragon, Mr. Phillip Mornay. Now, Ariana's sister, Miss Beatrice Forsythe, is seventeen and determined to marry advantageously as well. (Surely Ariana's society connexions all but guarantee Beatrice's success-especially if Mr. Mornay is created a baronet by the Prince Regent!

But the Mornay's have disappeared from high society as they raise a family at their country estate. Can Beatrice persuade them to chaperone her in London? And what about her business with the curate, Mr. O'Brien, whom Beatrice rashly promised to marry years earlier? She is too sophisticated now to settle for a mere clergyman-despite his agreeable countenance and gentle, understanding ways. When Mr. Tristan Barton becomes tenant of the Manor House, Beatrice's hopes seem to have found their object. But when Ariana falls gravely ill, secrets come to light, motives are revealed, and pretenses that are easy to keep up in the darkness begin to crumble. As hearts are bared and truths uncovered, a country house courtship like no other cannot be far behind!

Fans of Linore's first books, Before the Season Ends, and The House on Grosvenor Square, will be delighted with final addition to the Regency Inspirational Series, as will all readers of historical romance.

Leave a comment with a question for Linore, or a specific comment about her book or series to be entered in the drawing for this book.....NOT just "I want to win this book". Let us know you read the book summary and what you thought, or ask a question. Thanks!

Linore Rose Burkard creates Inspirational Romance for the Jane Austen Soul. Her characters take you back in time to experience life and love during the Regency England era (circa 1800 - 1830). Ms. Burkard's novels include Before the Seasons Ends, The House in Grosvenor Square and, The Country House Courtship. Her stories blend Christian faith and romance with well-researched details from the Regency. Readers experience a romantic age, where England from the past comes alive and happy endings are possible for everyone!

What do you hope readers will take away from your books?

I hope my readers will feel as though they've been transported to an amazing world of the past, with living characters and places so real they can almost reach out and touch them. I love it when readers write to me to say they just had a wonderful mini-vacation--reading my book! Some say they've had a spiritually encouraging journey while reading--and that means everything to me.

Any Regency romance is going to be compared to Jane Austen's novels ~ how are your books similar / different?
I don't think most regencies are written to be like Jane, and mine are no exception. I'm not competing with Jane Austen; I'm re-visiting the world she wrote about, though; and that is the similarity. When readers say my writing is "Austen-like", I take that as a huge compliment, but that's when I think it's wise not to believe my own press! (smile)

Do you have more Regency novels planned?

Right now I'm working on a regency time-travel that is dying to be a screenplay! I'm writing it as a novel, but little scenes creep in where, at their end, I actually type in "fade to black," before I realize what I've done. That's all I'm going to say about the new book for now, but readers can rest assured that it will be different enough to delight them, but similar in the sense that it's still me writing, it's still my voice.

Can you give us a sneak peek into The Country House Courtship?

Country House is the third book in the Regency Series, and gives one of the minor characters from the first books her own "day in the spotlight," her own romance. It begins about five years later (about 1818) and sees Mr. O'Brien (a curate, now) to a happy marriage of his own. There's a little bit of mystery, a villain (an Austenesque villain--not a serial killer, in other words!)and a denouement that I hope will leave people smiling and satisfied.

Thanks for joining us, Linore and we hope to see more of you and your books in the future!


Kameko said...

I've not read any of your books, Linore, to my knowledge, but the book titled "The House on Grosvenor Square" sounds so familiar to me. The premise of "The Country House Courtship" sounds so good, I have to read it! But I do wonder, if Beatrice Forsythe is seventeen in this book, how old was she when she "rashly promised to marry {Mr. O'Brien} years earlier?" It can't have been that many year earlier could it? I guess reading the book would answer that question!

Blessings to you both~


Pat Grau said...

I must be honest, I've never read a Christian regency romance. Years ago I read a few "traditional" regency formats and found them either full of ridiculous antics or very dry. 2 questions--What attracts you to this period? Have you found it difficult to research feasible character issues for Christians authentic to the period? (my desire is to write in the 1930s--I find the hard times of that period can either "hone" a character's strength or drag down the perception of a character's growth. As a new author I'm struggling with that tricky balance of realistic without being depressing--which it sounds like you've figured out in you work.)

I'd love to receive a copy of your book--an see how you've accomplished your goals.
pgrau dot ggi at gmail dot com

Koala Bear Writer said...

This book sounds fascinating - and I am a hardcore Austen fan so I can see connections already. My question has to do with research. Do you hole up in libraries, visit England, tour museums, surf the web, all of the above? What goes into researching a novel set in Austen's day?

Linore said...

Hi Beverly,
Thanks for the question: Beatrice was really too young for her "rash" promise to be binding, but she isn't completely sure of this; which helps stress her out a bit, later on, when the novel takes place. : )
Her rash promise actually takes place in the first book, BEFORE THE SEASON ENDS.
Thanks for your interest,


Linore said...

Hi Pat,

You're in store for a nice surprise if you look for some of the better regencies, beginning with Georgette Heyer. She was an author, besides Jane Austen, that got me really interested in the Regency, and in fact, started my love for the period.
There is so much to say about this time in history that I couldn't give you just one or two things that interest me about it, but for starters, I'll say that the language of the day(the manner of speaking and writing) as well as the costume (clothing) are two outstanding features of regency life which I find fascinating and appealing.
All the best in your own writing, and thanks for stopping by. : )

Linore said...

Koala Bear Writer,

When I first started researching the regency, I did hole up at a library for as long as my (then) young children and husband would let me. I made scads of copies from reference books which were not allowed to be borrowed from the premises. Today, however, researching is much easier, and I do most of it online.

I have not yet been to England, but it is high on my "to do" list!
I am especially delighted when ENGLISH readers tell me they have been transported to the regency or to England, through my books.
Evidently, there are enough resources out there--and it becomes a matter of time and effort to get the feel of authenticiy in the books. I hope that answers your questions, and thanks for your interest.

For everyone who comments, please take advantage of the free readers' resources on my website on this page:

Kameko said...

Hi! I gave you an award!
You can pick it up here:


Miralee Ferrell said...

Thank you, Beverly, Pat, and Koala Bear for visiting, as well as your excellent questions and comments! And Beverly, thank you for the award posted on your blog, and for including me in the new blogs you've recently discovered. I'm honored!


Martha A. said...

This was another great regency romance...I think you did an excellent job with this series and I hope that you continue to write some more Regency books. There is an interest in good clean regency era books.

peachykath said...

I actually recieved your first 2 books from this series as a gift and when I moved they got packed away and I recently just pulled them out to start reading. How do the ideas and themes for the stories come to? Do you base them on experiences or previous things you have read? I hope to get a copy of this book to complete the series.


Anne Payne said...

I've read all the books in this series and love them! Linore, I know you said this latest book is the last for this series BUT Ariana still has another sister at home:) Do you think someday you will give Lucy her own story?


Edwina said...

This book sounds so good! I would love to read it!


Merry said...

I like that The Country House Courtship involves a little mystery along with the romance. I love Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, so your books have been a lovely addition to my library. Please add me to the drawing. Thanks!

Julia M. Reffner said...

Ooohh...regency time travel. How fun! I'm just curious what is your favorite Jane Austen novel? I guess I'm a traditionalist, but my favorite is definitely Pride & Prejudice.

Wendy said...

I have the first 2 books and am excited for this one.
I was wondering how long it takes Linore to write her books and if she gets easily distracted :) I have a hard time sitting down and working on the computer, so I am just curious.

A J Hawke said...

Sounds like a fun read.
I enjoy the time period and
having traveled to England
many times, it will surely
bring back memories of places
and houses.

Please put my name in the drawing.

A J Hawke
ajhawkeauthor at aol dot com

Cara Lynn James said...

I've read all of your books, Linore, and I'd love to read this one as well.

caralynnjames at yahoo dot com

Linore said...

Thank you so much. I hear constantly from readers who are grateful to find not only a clean read set in the regency, but a distinctly Christian one. So yes, there is a market for books like mine; In fact, I started writing because I couldn't find a Christian regency and wanted to change that!

Linore said...

Katherine (peachykath) asked, "How do the ideas and themes for the stories come to you? Do you base them on experiences or previous things you have read?"

I wish I had time to say the many ways ideas and scenes come to me, because it varies from book to book. I don't think I base them on my own experiences most of the time--or upon other books. Interestingly, I remember the exact moment the first scene for BEFORE THE SEASON ENDS came to me. (What readers call "the tree scene". If you've read the book, you'll know immediately what this is.)I was watching a show about an artist in England who was drawing a tree which became the model for the tree Ariana gets stuck in.
so, in that case, it came from a documentary! I sometimes talk more about this when I give workshops on character building or novel writing with Greater Harvest Workshops. Thanks for the great question.

Linore said...

Anne said:
"I've read all the books in this series and love them! Linore, I know you said this latest book is the last for this series BUT Ariana still has another sister at home:) Do you think someday you will give Lucy her own story?"

Anne, thank you very much. I have to admit that there are many of you who have asked me the same thing, and if I can get a publisher to want that story as much as my readers do, I "see" it in my future! (lol) I would have a blast writing Lucy's story, I just know it. Thank you for your interest and comments.

Linore said...

Thank you, Edwina, and Merry, I love that I'm on your bookshelf. : )

Julia, you ask a tough question. I'd have to say that I vacillate between loving P&P and EMMA most. It really depends on which I've read or watched lately! I'm going to the Jane Austen Society of North America annual conference in October in Oregon and can't wait!
Thanks for stopping by, ladies.

Linore said...

Wendy, you asked:

I was wondering how long it takes Linore to write her books and if she gets easily distracted :)

My first novel took the longest for me to write, as I worked on it sporadically for awhile, and in the evenings. (When the kids were little.)
My second and third were different because I had deadlines. (I like to joke that there is nothing more "inspiring" than a deadline.) THE HOUSE IN GROSVENOR SQUARE took about six months to write; and, THE COUNTRY HOUSE COURTSHIP was really squeezed out in less time, more like four. It was four months of constant, furious writing, though, with self-editing and revising, and so on. Having a good six months is probably most comfortable to me.
As for distractability: I can write while on sorts of stuff is going on around me. My only exception is when I'm actually still PLOTTING. I need to focus and concentrate more on that. If I can't focus at home at those times, I can't work at all, and have to leave the house and find a nook in a library somewhere.
FOCUS is key to productivity. I have found that if I can set goals and focus on them until I meet them, I can achieve a great deal more than I otherwise would.
Getting distracted is actually a choice. : )
Thanks for the great question.

Linore said...

A J, please let me know if the books take you there (England), and I'm envious of your frequent trips there!

Cara Lynn,
Thanks so much, and I hope you enjoy this one as much as the others!
I'm sure glad I don't have to pick the winner, Miralee, as I hate to see anyone not win. : )
God bless everyone, and thanks for participating. If you're not on my mailing list, please do sign up for more chances to win books in my monthly ezine. (sign up on my website:

Lourdes said...

I'm curious, when doing books from that era are names for your characters hard to come by, or do you know thier names right away?


Linore said...

Hi Lourdes,

Good question. I never seem to have a short answer for my methods, and this one's no different. Sometimes names just come to me, and other times I agonize over them. Most of the time I will know if a name "fits" a character or not, and use a temporary name if I have to. Then, I just keep an eye out for the right one. Movie credits are wonderful sources, as are baby name books, but I don't favor the name books. I never take anyone else's full name, but I may take a first name from one place and then find the right surname elsewhere.

Occasionally I'll decide upon names as I formulate the story in my head, which is the best-case scenario because then I don't have to worry about them.

Thanks for your question. : )

Miralee Ferrell said...

Congratulations to Cara Lynn James. You've won the free copy of Linore's book. Please email me with your mailing address so Linore can get it in the mail.

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful comments and questions. I wish you all could have won!


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