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Friday, January 15, 2010

Maintaining a Relationship with your Sister

8 Tips for Maintaining a Relationship with your Sister

By Virginia Smith--Christian fiction author of the upcoming Third Time's a Charm, the third, and final book in Virginia (Ginny) Smith's Sister-to-Sister series.

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to let a relationship slide. That’s true regardless of whether you live nearby or far apart. Here are some tips for maintaining a strong relationship with your sister.
Scheduled Phone Calls – Communication is the key to any relationship, so don’t leave it to chance. Select a specific day each week for an uninterrupted phone call. Put your sister on your cell phone “Favorites” so you can talk free.
Text Messages – Texting is the preferred method of communication for one of my sisters. Be sure you have unlimited texts on your cell phone plan.
Utilize the Internet – Email and social networking sites like Facebook are wonderful ways to stay connected. On Goodreads and LibraryThing you can keep track of what your sister is reading, too.
Skype – If you both have a computer with a camera, this software allows you see each other while you talk – and it’s free.
Letters – Email is wonderful, but there’s nothing like reading your sister’s words in her own handwriting.
Cards – Next time you browse the card shelves, pick up several funny ones and tuck them away in a drawer. Send one every so often to surprise your sister with a laugh.
Sister Sleepovers – Even if you live near one another, there’s nothing like getting away from it all with your sister. Schedule an annual sleepover at a lodge, or hotel, or even at someone’s house. Leave the kids at home, and focus on having fun with each other.
Start a Tradition – Create a tradition you share only with your sister. For instance, my sister and I exchange ugly ornaments at Christmas every year. We spend months shopping for the ugliest ornament we can find, and love the competition of seeing who “wins” that year.


Lucie said...

Miralee, I love your new blog! When I was secretary at my church I remembered looking up that very picture of Jesus and using it over and over because I thought it was glad that you used it too!

I received your book Love Finds You in Bridal Veil Oregon and the cover alone is sooo pretty! I will be sharing the book and book marks at our next Chick Lit meeting in February...I just started reading it tonight :-)


LucieInCA (at) aol (dot) com

Edna said...

I really like your new blog, but I have lost 5 of my sisters and the only one I have left is 89 years old and has alzimers. So I can't even talk to her.
I am the baby and have seen 7 of my siblings die, 1 brother and 1 sister left, so please enjoy your family while you have them


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