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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Morning After...Thoughts on the Election

Hymn for the Morning After

Courtesy of Ingrid Schlueter...I've shortened this by taking out the lines written in German and have left only the English translation. It's a wonderful hymn and could easily be a prayer or declaration for God's people. Miralee

Nov 05 by Ingrid Schlueter

Reading the headlines this morning, a German hymn came to mind so strongly. I was at a loss to translate the text properly because my German is rough, but then found the translation online - the English stanzas are underneath the German ones. Two of these verses were included by Bach in his St. Matthew passion. This needs to be our attitude and our hope in the days to come. Just think of the world when this was written by one of God's children. The Reformation was in full spate and all of the persecution and hardship it created, including a 30-year long war. Yet God's people continued on in faith, because what God wills is always right.

What my God wants , may it always happen,
His will is what is best.
He is ready to help those
Who believe firmly in him
He helps us in our poverty , the holy God,
And punishes us in moderation
Who places his trust in God and builds firmly on him,
He will not abandon.

God is my comfort, my confidence,
My hope and my life.
What my God wants to happen to me
I do not want to strive against.
His word is true, for all my hair
He himself has counted
He guards and watches and has taken good care
That we should lack nothing.

Now must I, a sinner from this world,
Go hence in God's will
To my God:when it pleases him,
I want to hold still with him.
I entrust my poor soul to God
In my last hours.
You holy God have overcome
For me sin, hell and death

Just one thing, Lord, I want to ask you,:
You will not deny it to me:
When the evil spirit tempts me,
Let me not despair.
Help, guide and protect, ah God, my Lord,
To the honour of your name.
Who desires this will have his wish granted;
For this reason I say joyfully:


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