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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Anyone Know About Herniated Disks???

When it rains, it seems to pour...or maybe it's everything happens in three's? Actually, I'm praising God that I fell while taking a walk almost two months ago. Remember, the fall on the gravel road where I hit so hard, I gave myself whiplash? Then about two wks later I broke out with shingles. As a result of the fall I pushed to have a neck x-ray, even tho the doctor felt sure it was a whiplash and the pain was a result of the fall.

Turns out it was, but there's more to it and I'd love reader input on this.

The X-rays didn't look good and my doctor ordered an MRI. Turns out I have three bulging disks in my upper neck...C3, 4 & 5. All three are putting pressure on the nerves running down my shoulder and left arm. One of the three is rated as "extreme", as far as the pressure on the nerve. I've already lost some strength in my left wrist and have some degree of low level pain/ache/numbness at almost any given time.

She's referring me to a neurosurgeon and is pushing for surgery...soon if possible. I'd love to hear from anyone who's had this type of surgery, or knows someone who has. Did you recover 100% from upper neck surgery? How long did it take? Have you had any ongoing effects?

I'll probably have to opt for it, regardless...short of a total miracle. My doctor is concerned that it's progressing/getting worse. It could cut off the nerves entirely and lead to complete loss of the use of my arm, or paralysis. Not good. And any damage that happens prior to surgery won't be reversible.

So any comments or input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Pamela J said...

My first thought is to see a chiropractor. I don't know if you have experienced how they can help you. I don't know about the Herniated Disk. Sometimes, especially in a fall or accident, when the back or neck bones are out of alignment, it causes many things to go wrong. I have had something wrong with my neck and back of head since birth. After age 40 years I had a car accident that I followed up with one year of consistant chiropractor adjustments. Not only did that time of treatments allow my accident injuries to heal but it also cleared up whatever happened to me at birth!
I don't want to give false hope but the pressure of bones out of place could be causing the disks to inflame (if that is what they are doing)because of the pressure on them. Just a suggestion, I'm no doctor. I feel for you, I have had neck troubles but by the sound of it,nothing like you are having.
Pam Williams
cepjwms at yahoo dot com

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