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Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's On SALE!!!

Smoking Hot Deal!! Don't Miss Out!

Hey guys and gals! Anyone who has been putting off buying a copy of my new book, The Other Daughter, run over to Amazon QUICK and grab a copy while they're on sale. They normally sell for $12.99 in stores, Amazon sells them for $10.39, but right now (no idea how long it will last) they have it on sale for $7.79!!! Wow! That's the cheapest I've seen it anywhere!

And of course, if you buy other books (or multiple copies of mine to give away, LOL!) and hit an order total of $25.00, they'll throw in free shipping. $7.79 is close to wholesale and I can't even buy them from Kregel for that. Hey...Maybe I'd better grab a few, huh!

Here's the link:

Or of course, you can just do a search under my name, Miralee Ferrell, if the link won't work for you.

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