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Saturday, November 3, 2007

We Have A Winner!!!

The Fall Bloggy Tour/Give Away has ended and We have a winner!!!

I'd love to have you still leave comments....if you do and I get at least 20 next week, I'll do another drawing, so check back again if you didn't have a chance to enter, or want to enter again. sure to check out my book on Amazon. Go to this link, and you can find my book and read the first 7 pages to see if it's something you'd like to buy.

If you don't want to wait on shipping, pop in your local bookstore and ask them to get it for you, if they don't already have it on their shelf.

Read the first chapter here

Thanks to everyone for entering....The Winner is...

Karen Chen, from Hillsboro, Oregon!! Congratulations, Karen!

1 comment:

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Wow, Miralee, congrats on the success of your bloggy giveaway! That's great. :)

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