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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A New Game is Coming!!! Win a Book Too!

Been missing the sponsored games where you can win an autographed book? Well, wish no more! Another's on its way and will be arriving on Friday, ending just before Thanksgiving next week. This time you'll have a chance to win the fantastic women's fiction THE OTHER DAUGHTER by Miralee Ferrell.

It's going to be a Scavenger Hunt, and playing will be simple and fun.

1. You'll start out at the Christian Review of Books' page, where you'll be given a list of questions you have to find answers to.

2. You'll follow the links to seven different author pages. Each other will have in her blog a question she asked of Miralee Ferrell about her new novel, THE OTHER DAUGHTER. Read through her answers, and you'll find the answers to the questions on the list!

3. Go to ShoutLife and Send the Christian Review a ShoutMail with the list of answers, and have a chance to WIN, WIN, WIN! The link below that says "Roseanna White"

This is going to be lots of fun, and we've gathered together some new authors for you to get to know, so be sure and check out their pages! Come back on Friday to get started!


Miralee Ferrell
Roseanna White
Molly Noble Bull
Tricia Goyer
Deborah Piccurelli
Christy Barritt
Susan Meissner

Roseanna M. White

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