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Friday, October 12, 2007

Update On CBD Ranking! Wahooooooo!!!

Wow!!! God is SO Amazing! I wanted to give you all a report on how my book is doing on the CBD ranks, as so many of you have helped get it where it is today.

I hope you'll allow me a bit of excitement and not think I'm bragging...I know God is doing this and I'm so thrilled and blessed to be a part of the journey. The numbers I'm going to list wouldn't be that great for someone who's a several times repeat author, as hopefully they've developed a readership following and their books should be strong, regardless.

I'm a first time author, with a book that hasn't released yet, so for ME, this is amazing. I've been watching the numbers daily, and only today decided to get brave and check on my standing in overall fiction. When you go to CBD's page on the 'net, you can click on the link called "Bestseller", then click on Fiction.

That opens up about 10 different categories, including things like poetry, children, teens, allegory....things that really don't pertain to my genre at all. Then there's historical, mystery, westerns, category is in that list...contemporary.

Under Contemporary, there are two selections...general and women's. My book is listed under womens. And of course, it's also under the broader "Contemporary" and the even broader "Fiction" three places to track it, as I'll show below.

Women's contemporary is the smallest category, as we've narrowed it down to 363 books total (as of this morning anyway, those numbers can change by just a few either way). My book shows up at #15!! Yesterday it was at #23, so a substantial jump over night!

Moving up to the broader category of just overall Contemporary:
There are 1600 books in this book is now at #26!
Yesterday it was at #44, so again, a big jump. ('s now at #23)

And for the first time today, I decided to check on the numbers for ALL Fiction. I honestly didn't expect to register any higher than #235, which would be in the top 2.5%....#475 would be the top 5%, which is still very good.

Drum roll please....(can you tell I'm a little happy, LOL?)
Today The Other Daughter is placed #124 out of, get this....9,584 books!
That's in the top 1.3%!!! (Update...It climbed to #99, then back to #103 where it's holding steady)

Thank you all SO much for helping move my book up the rating chart.

I'm starting a blog tour on October 20th, and you can take the tour through a huge variety of different people's blogs and read a nice selection of author interviews, all tailored for each person's blog. Watch for the list of blogs...I'll be posting it a couple of days before the first entry.

Blessings on you all as you serve the Lord in the way He's called you to serve!

1 comment:

Jan Parrish said...

Congratulations Miralee. I'm so excited to be a part of your blog tour and to read your new book!

God is so good isn't he?

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