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Monday, August 20, 2007

The Last Leg of My Journey....Almost Complete!

Almost Home, as in...I'm in the home stretch and nearing completion of my responsibility for my upcoming novel, The Other Daughter.
I'm doing the final proof read this week and will have the corrected copy on my editor's desk by Wednesday. It should be heading off to get the print shop the first week of Sept., and will come back to Kregel's warehouse around October 15th, more or less. At that time, my author copies will ship to me, and Kregel will start shipping boxes to retailers and online suppliers. So if you've ordered a book online, assume you will probably get it toward the end of October.
I'm hoping to start nudging my sales numbers up on over the next few weeks. It's going to take all my friends help to do it, but I'd LOVE to hit in the top 50 titles on women's contemporary fiction. I'll need you lovely people to send out emails, post links from my blog to yours and point people to my web site:
And of course, it certainly won't hurt my feelings if you decide to order a copy for yourself and maybe one for a Christmas gift!
Leave a comment on this blog, or at my web site, to put your name in for another free book drawing.

1 comment:

The Koala Bear Writer said...

How exciting!!! Another friend of mine is also in the last stages of publishing her novel and will be having a book launch in a month. Good luck with everything that goes along with this part of the journey - particularly all the marketing! :)

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