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Friday, June 1, 2007

Prayer Needed and Update

A family at our church is in urgent need of prayer support. The husband and father, a man in his early forties, was killed in a motorcycle accident today on the way to see his grown son. I don't have any other details at this time, but know that our pastor went to be with the wife and daughter (a young teen who worships her dad).

I can't even begin to imagine the pain and loss they're feeling. Please lift them up with me before our Father's throne that they'd be carried through the next few days, weeks and months and all the changes they'll have to face. I'm not sure how they'll make it financially without his income or how they'll even afford the burial...all things that you often don't think about when you're still young and in the prime of life. It's hard for ME to imagine him gone, and I'm not close to their family, other than they are part of my church family....but I have such a sense of 'it's not real'....and that I'll see him in church on Sunday.

Thankfully he was a committed Christian and they had a good marriage, so she knows she'll see him again. But as anyone knows whose lost someone close to you, that doesn't bring the type of comfort she'll need to get her through this...only the peace of God can do that.

Thank you for praying...her name is Debbie and his name was Doug.


Now for a quick update on our situation. We made our bank sign off deadline for the loan to be complete and the house to be finished. The County inspector and bank inspector both signed it off, after a mad rush to get the State electrical inspector up there to do the final sign off, and the Health Dept to do the water test. We're so grateful that the heavy stress and pressure is off. We still have detail work to be done, that wasn't required by the county or the bank, but as our present house isn't sold yet, we aren't under a deadline to complete it.

We're still praying for a buyer to come soon, so we can get moved to our new home. We don't want to leave this one empty, and it shows so much better with furniture and decorations in it. God will bring a buyer soon, and I know He's in control.

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