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Monday, June 18, 2007

New Video Trailer!!!

New Video Trailer for my book on YouTube---

I have a new video trailer up and running on YouTube for my book. It's only one minute long and I need to do a tiny bit of tweaking yet, but it's up and running. I'm hoping you'll stop by to view it and maybe leave a comment or rank it, to help it along? If you have the time, maybe even send it to a few people in your address book, to help it on it's way. Marketing is the key to sales and the second book will only be published if the first one does well, so all help is SOOOO appreciated!!!

Here's the link-----


Jen's Journey said...

Cool! I am looking forward to the book. Will preorder it for sure.

Been a while since I had an opp. to chat ya up. But, want you to know I am not ignoring you. It has been a long week and I have been trying to keep diligent on my book when there is any time available. :)

Bernadine said...

Hi, I watched the trailer for your book. It's really good. I hope the book does well.
God bless

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