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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Win A Free Book! AND Update on Title

Feeling a little BLUE lately? Is the weather getting you down? How about a free, signed copy of my new book, would that perk you up just a bit?

The contest will run through the month of March, and I'll post a couple of reminders. Anyone who leaves a comment here or on my website, will get their name in a drawing for a free book. But you MUST leave your email address, too. If you don't want to post it, then you need to send me an email so I have it on file. If you win I need to be able to contact you and get your shipping address. I've had several people leave comments on my blog that I don't know, and have no way of writing to thank them, or keep in touch. So please, be sure you give me your email addy, one way or another!

I'd love to have ALL of you win, but since that's not possible, best of luck to you all!

Oh yes...we're very close to having a title....looks like it's either going to be "Another Woman's Daughter"...or "The Other Daughter"....I'd love your input on that too, if you care to leave a comment with what you think or which one you'd choose!


Angela said...

I would love to be added to the free give away. I love your books. Take care.

Love and Prayers
Angela Geld

Anonymous said...

Free givaway- yea!!!!!!!!

love and prayers and like Another Woman's daughter......


Cherie said...

Would love to be added to the free giveaway. Your Eeyore cartoon is so cute. He is my favorite Pooh character.

Cherie Japp

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